University of Florida

Aging & Caregiving

senior citizen and doctor

As we grow older, many of our daily concerns change. This page contains resources especially for seniors, on topics such as health, finances, and caregiving.

  • Caregiving
    Guidelines, physical care, support, stress management, and other topics.
  • Choosing Homes As We Age
    Adapting the home, alternative living arrangements, and safety.
  • End of Life Issues
    Resources that provide answers to legal and ethical questions, as well as information about coping with grief.
  • Families
    Information about children, parenting, relationships, and nontraditional families.
  • Grief & Loss
    Resources for those coping and helping others cope with grief and loss.
  • Health & Well-being
    Health care, medicines, eating healthy, dealing with depression, and other topics.
  • Money Matters
    Consumer rights, insurance, retirement, saving and investing, and other topics.
  • Neglect & Abuse
    Unfortunately, neglect and abuse are widespread problems in our society.
  • Special Needs
    Resources for people with special needs or disabilities and their caregivers.

If you can't find the information you're looking for, send us your questions--and let us know which county you live in--or contact your county Extension office.