University of Florida

Money Matters


Everyone has to deal with money, whether budgeting, buying insurance, planning for retirement, or saving to buy a house. Use the resources on these pages to become a more informed and empowered money manager.

  • Basic Money Management
    Budgeting, recordkeeping, and financial education.
  • Consumer Rights
    Credit protection laws, consumer education, and how to avoid fraud and financial abuse.
  • Credit & Debt Management
    Choosing a credit card, cutting costs, getting financial counseling, and avoiding extra fees.
  • End of Life Issues
    Resources that offer answers to legal, ethical, and financial questions.
  • Holiday Spending
    Budgeting for the holidays, avoiding overspending, using credit cards, and handling seasonal stressors.
  • Insurance
    Auto, flood, health, and life insurance are just a few of the kinds of insurance available.
  • Retirement
    Estate planning, retirement accounts, social security, and reverse mortgages.
  • Saving & Investing
    Financial planning, banking, investment advisers, and protecting your money.

For information about energy efficiency and other topics related to saving money while being environmentally friendly, see Sustainable Living: Consumers.

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