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Pesticide Licensing

How do I get a pesticide license in Florida?

For the most part, homeowners do not need a license to buy and use chemical pesticides, as long as they buy the product themselves, use their own equipment, and apply it only to their own yard. In all cases, the label is the law--read and follow ALL label instructions.

If you need help identifying a pest or finding the right pesticide, contact your county Extension office. If your pest problems require materials that you cannot buy without a license, you should contact a pest control operator (check your local phone book listings). For more information, please read our Homeowner's Guide to Pesticide Safety.

Agricultural producers or others who wish to get a commercial pesticide applicator license can check the ProHort website for information. UF/IFAS’ Pesticide Information Office maintains a document entitled Pesticide Applicator License Categories, Examinations, and Reference Materials (pdf). Your best bet may be to contact your county Extension office.

How do I maintain my pesticide license?

Florida Pesticide applicator licenses must be renewed to stay valid. Applicators can re-take the pesticide licensing test or attend classes to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to renew their licenses. Contact your county Extension office for information about earning CEUs.

To find out what CEUs you need for a particular license, contact your county Extension office or visit the ProHort website. To find out where upcoming classes are being held, visit the Florida Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Certification & Licensing page.

Pesticide CEU modules are now available for purchase through the UF/IFAS Bookstore website. You can also check out our CD-ROM tutorials.

Can I check my pesticide certification exam score online? When are scores available?

Approximately two weeks after you take the exam, you can check your score through the Florida Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Certification Database Searchespage.

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Small Farms

I just bought property. What can I grow to make money?

You will need to take several preliminary steps before beginning any small farm venture. Our Small Farms & Alternative Enterprises website provides information about the major considerations that are necessary.

If you're just starting out, check the Small Farm Planning & Management section for documents that will guide you through the process of planning your small farm enterprises.

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What vegetables can I grow in my greenhouse?

The greenhouse is a valuable tool for the production of many vegetable crops, and is typically used for growing vegetable, herbs, and other, similar crops, using some type of soil-less culture or other form of hydroponics.

Information about hydroponic vegetables can be found on our Small Farms & Alternative Enterprises website, which includes a section specifically about Hydroponic / Greenhouse Crops. This site will provide you with information about the wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers successfully grown in Florida.

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