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What is is the official website of University of Florida Extension. We've put all of our expertise in one place to make it easy for you to get information about lawn and garden care, family life and consumer choices, agriculture, sustainable living, the environment, and youth development.

Our site also includes timely feature articles and photos and a database of frequently asked questions. Real-life success stories show how Extension benefits Floridians like you. Above all, our site's focus is getting you timely and relevant solutions for improving your life. brings you current, science-based answers--free.

What is Extension?

Extension is the public outreach component of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), where experts relate research findings to daily life. Extension provides information to agricultural and livestock producers, as well as the general public. Information is always research-based, current, and free. To learn more, see About Extension.

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Suggestions didn't answer my question. Whom can I ask?

You can visit your county Extension office in person, contact an agent by phone or e-mail, or e-mail us. Please let us know which county you live in so that we can contact a local expert if necessary.

Can I send in suggestions for articles that I want to see on your site?

If you want to suggest topics for future articles, links that we should add to the site (as well as any other content), please e-mail us.

I know of a great website that you should link to. Can I send you the URL?

Absolutely! However, while we welcome your submissions, we may not be able to post them all. The University of Florida's web policy precludes us from linking to private or commercial sites. The links and articles on must originate from educational institutions, government agencies, and other recognized organizations.

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Technical Problems

I found a broken link. Can you fix it?

E-mail us the broken link and the URL of the page where you found the broken link, and we'll fix it if possible. If you know the correct URL, please include it in your e-mail also.

What can I do if the site looks weird on my computer, or if pages won't print out correctly?

E-mail us and tell us what browser you're using, what problem you're experiencing, and which pages you're having trouble with. We'll do our best to help you view the site properly.

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Web Policies

Please see our web policies page for information about accessibility, copyrights, logo usage, privacy, and linking to

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Templates for IFAS Websites

UF/IFAS faculty and staff only: If you are interested in using the SFYL style for your website(s), please contact us directly.

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