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Agronomic Crops - including corn, cotton peanuts, soybeans, and sugarcane.

Flowers & Foliage - including information on production, postharvest, marketing & economics.

Fruits & Nuts - including information on crop selection, specific fruits and nuts, pest management, nursery sources and production.

Herbs - including information on production and marketing.

Hydroponics - including information on hydroponic production, marketing, economics, risk management, seed sources, greenhouse design, major crops, suppliers and manufacturers.

Ornamentals - including information on business, industry and regulation; management of pests; fertilization and nutrition; and water and irrigation.

Vegetables - including information on beans, beets, cole crops, cucurbits, leafy greens, potatoes, strawberries, transplant production, tropical root crops, and others.

Wildflowers - including information on marketing and production in Florida and across the country.

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