Family & Consumer Sciences


Day-to-day life can bring complicated challenges involving relationships, work, health and nutrition, family finances, and more. Whether you’re hoping to improve your money management skills, optimize time spent with loved ones or lose weight sensibly, UF/IFAS Extension provides expert science-based guidance with publications, videos and in-person learning experiences. Classes are held at UF/IFAS Bay County Extension office, and many resources are available online, available to help you take the first steps toward your goals.

Food, Nutrition and Health

Food, nutrition and health programs offered through the UF/IFAS Extension Bay County office help individuals, families, and communities make informed choices about food and lifestyles that support their physiological health, economic, and social well-being. Principles found in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans are used for youth and adults.

Food Safety and Quality

UF/IFAS Extension Bay County’s Food Safety and Quality Program is dedicated to providing training which enables food managers and staff to offer Bay County consumers food that is prepared in a clean and safe environment.

Family and Personal Finances

The UF/IFAS Extension Bay County office provides educational classes, resources and materials to help people find information that responds to their issues during tough economic times.


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