An extreme closeup image of a bedbug

Social Service & Public Health Employees

If you suspect your client might have bed bugs, use the following tips:

  • De-cluttering is an activity that makes all IPM activities work better. A clean, clutter free environment reduces pest pressure.
  • Use monitoring and inspection as a part of bed bug PREVENTION, then reporting sightings to the appropriate contact.  (The line of communication is specific to each office. If you find bed bugs do not keep them a secret, this will only make the problem worse.)
  • Know the difference between an INTRODUCTION and an INFESTATION.  An infestation can be defined as having virtually all of the life-cycle was present (eggs, nymphs and adults).  Finding bed bugs on your clients will most likely be classified as an introduction as opposed to finding bed bugs in the environment (usually a home or bed area in a shelter), even if the client’s jacket or belongings may contain more than one stage of the bed bug life cycle.  
  • A final recommendation is to adjust your expectation of what control means. There are no quick fixes where bed bugs are concerned.

Local Offices

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