Master Gardener Program


Participants in the Master Gardener program gain a sense of community spirit, mental stimulation through education, and a sense of accomplishment by helping others in the community. Program participants develop friendships as they work together to share knowledge and experience with the public. An interest in gardening,desire to help others, and commitment to volunteer, are the main selection criteria. Gardening experience and knowledge is helpful, but not required for enrollment in the training program. Candidate selection is not based on prior training, education, knowledge, experience, age, race, gender, or handicap.

Oleander flowers, native plants

Interested in becoming a Master Gardener?

Taking applications until January 20th, 2017. Selection to become a candidate for the Master Gardener Training Program is not based on prior training, education, knowledge, or experience. Nor does age, race, gender, or physical handicap determine selection.

Ladybugs on diseased cycad tree

Plant Clinic

Having difficulty with your shrubs? Don't know what kind of insect is attacking your plants? Check with the Master Gardeners for solutions to gardening and landscape problems such as plant identification, insect and disease identification, soil pH testing and more.

Florida plants and grasses in garden