Alzheimer's Awareness

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that affects millions of Americans each year. From forgetting memories to being unable to communicate with family and friends, Alzheimer’s becomes more and more severe over time.

While forgetfulness may increase with age, Alzheimer’s and its debilitating effects are not a standard part of growing older. Because a cure for this disease does not currently exist, early intervention is key. Becoming familiar with Alzheimer’s symptoms and getting help early can slow down the disease’s progression. 

Signs or Symptoms of Alzheimers

Early Signs

  • Daily memory loss
  • Difficulty trying to remember things
  • Repeatedly asking the same questions
  • Becoming lost
  • Misplacing things or placing them in unusual locations

Later Signs

  • Becoming confused with the time or place
  • Forgetting people, including family and friends
  • Forgetting how to do daily tasks, such as brushing teeth or combing hair
  • Straying away from home

If someone you know may be displaying these symptoms, then have them visit a doctor or contact their local Alzheimer’s Association chapter for help. Remember, early intervention can lead to a large improvement in quality of life.

Adapted and excerpted from:
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