Jackson County 4-H

Jackson County is growing more and more every day!  However, we can’t continue to grow without volunteers! Please contact the 4-H office ASAP if you are interested in becoming a club leader and volunteer to contribute to the success of the Jackson County 4-H Youth Development program.  You can provide direct service to youth through organizational leadership and supervision for a group of 4-H club members and project leaders in an atmosphere which reflects educational quality, teamwork and cooperation. Together with youth and other volunteers, you coordinate club activities, give guidance and direction, and serve as the primary contact person for the club with the Jackson County Extension staff and the Florida 4-H program.  THE YOUTH OF JACKSON COUNTY NEED YOU!  Please consider sharing your gift and BECOME A VOLUNTEER!

4-H Clubs

COMING SOON!  Jackson 4-H is pleased to announce the formation of a photography club.  More details to come.

ASK 4-H Jackson County – Always Support Kids (visit their Facebook page)

Contact Club Ann Marie Shelton at 272-6099 or for more information.

Country Bumpkins 4-H Club

Country Bumpkins 4-H Club is a community based club that offers members the opportunity to participate in numerous 4-H projects and activities ranging from animal science to photography!  Meetings are held monthly on the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings are usually held at Cypress Park, from 6:00-8:00 PM. Terri Hardin serves as the Club Leader, and has many years of 4-H volunteer experience.  For more information, please contact Terri Hardin at 272-3728 or, or contact the 4-H office.

Day Spring Eagles 4-H Club – CLUB LEADER WANTED!

This is a school based 4-H club that meets monthly at Day Spring Christian Academy.  THIS CLUB IS CURRENTLY WITHOUT A LEADER!  If you would be interested in leading this club, the 4-H Office at (850) 482-9620 or speak with the Day Spring principal’s office.

Jackson County 4-H Junk Drawer Robotics Club

4-H Robotics Programs engage youth in challenging experiences with science, engineering, and technology and use a variety of media and delivery methods to reach youth. These programs are much broader than most of the robotic curricula available, which focuses on one specific platform.

This club meets on the 2nd Friday of each month at 3:30 PM at the UF/IFAS Jackson County Extension Office.  For more information regarding this club, please contact Anita Halling at (850) 557-1007, or  You may also contact the 4-H office.

Jackson County 4-H Livestock Club

This is a 4-H Club with emphasis in the animal science areas of livestock and poultry along with anything else that the group is interested in! The club leader, Stacey Warden, is a former Jackson County 4-H member who competed at the National level in Poultry and Livestock Judging.  The club meets the second Thursday of each month at 6:00PM at the UF/IFAS Jackson County Extension Office.  For more information please contact club leader Stacey Warden at (850) 693-3275,, or the 4-H office.

Jackson County 4-H Poultry and Small Animal Club – CLUB LEADER WANTED!

This is a 4-H Club with emphasis in poultry and small animal science.  WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING A CLUB LEADER! The club meeting day and time have not yet been set pending enrollment.  Contact the 4-H Office at 482-9620 for more information.

Jackson County 4-H SeaPerch Robotics – Meeting soon at Blue Springs Educational Coop.  More details to come!

This program is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research with enhancements from Lockheed Martin. For information on how you can become a volunteer with this exciting new program, please contact 4-H Agent, Angel Granger at (850) 482-9620 or

Jackson County 4-H Horse Program – NEW CLUB LEADER IS PENDING!

Our club leader is Mrs. Lindsay Kiefer.  Lindsay group in Volusia County 4-H where her mom still leads the 4-H horse club!  We are excited to haver her with us. For information on becoming a part of this exciting program, please contact Lindsay at (386) 275-9268 or email You may also contact the 4-H office at (850) 482-9620.

Jackson County Hot Shots 4-H Archery Club – CLUB LEADER WANTED!

Jackson County 4-H is searching for a new Archery Club leader.  We have two parents and our 4-H Program Assistant who are currently certified to lead Archery but they also lead another club.  They can assist whoever comes on board. For more information regarding joining this club you may contact the 4-H Office at (850) 482-9620.

4-H Youth Council/Youth Leaders

The 4-H Youth Council meets quartlery beginning in September. at the UF/IFAS Jackson County Extension Office and is led by Mrs. Angel Granger, 4-H Agent and Ms. Patti Peacock, 4-H Program Assistant.   We focus on issues related to older youth such as leadership training, workforce preparation, community service, resume writing, financial management, and applying for college scholarships. These educational topics also provide teens an opportunity to teach their fellow members an activity or unique skill. Youth in this program are encouraged to create and complete their 4-H portfolios. Participation Age: 13-18 (youth must be 13 as of September 1, 2017). These youth will be eligible for community service hours and other leadership events.  Please contact the 4-H Office for more information.

Start a 4-H Club in Your Community!

Jackson County 4-H needs caring and committed volunteers to lead 4-H Clubs. If you enjoy working with children and would like to learn more about leading a 4-H Club, contact 4-H Agent, Angel Granger, at (850) 482-9620 or

Why join a 4-H Club?

Clubs are the foundation of the 4-H program, and offer members opportunities to build leadership and citizenship skills by electing officers, conducting project-related activities, holding business meetings, and working together on community-service projects.

Research shows that youth development programs, like 4-H, play an important and vital role in the lives of young people. According to the finding in the most recent report from the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development, 4-H youth are:

  • 2x as likely to go to college
  • 2x as likely to pursue careers in science
  • more likely to make healthier choices, be physically active and avoid risky behavior
  • 3x as likely to give back to their communities

What do 4-H members do?

Fun and educational activities are planned for each meeting by adult volunteer leaders. Some common activities include camping, fishing, drama presentations, science projects, and horse-related programs.

Project books, field days, talent shows, fairs and contests provide members with opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends.

Who can attend club meetings?

Any youth wanting to participate in 4-H clubs and events must have a current, completed 4-H Enrollment Form on file with the Jackson County 4-H Office.

Depending upon the type of 4-H club, members’ ages may range from 5-18.

Enrollment in Jackson County 4-H is available to all youth between the ages of 5-18, regardless of gender, race, creed, color, religion, or disability.

When do they meet?

Jackson County 4-H clubs meet at least six (6) times per year.

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Country Bumpkins 4-H Club Offers Educational Opportunity

One of the goals of 4-H Youth Development is to impress upon our youth the importance of community service.  With that in mind, the Country Bumpkins 4-H Club is planning a continuous community service project called "Little Free Library.”...

Jackson 4-H Sweeps State Poultry Judging Competition

After months of practice on Wednesdays and Saturdays, members of the Jackson County 4-H Livestock Club made their way to Gainesville on May 3rd to compete in the 2018 State 4-H and FFA Poultry Judging Contest.  It would appear that hard work...

Service to Others – The 4-H Way

4-H offers many opportunities for youth to develop life skills that will serve them well into adulthood.  In April, there were several campaigns designed to teach our young people the value of leadership and service to others through...

4-H is open to all youth, ages 5-18, determined as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year.

Eligibility for enrolled 4-H members (those who have met previously stated enrollment criteria) is determined by the youth’s age as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year, which runs September 1 through August 31. Any exceptions are noted under participation criteria defined for the event. Generally, age classifications for most 4-H events and activities are the following:

·       Ages 5 – 7: Cloverbud Division

Children under 8 years of age on September 1 of the current 4-H year are ineligible to participate in competitive activities at any level (club, county, district, state, national or international). 5-7 year olds may exhibit or share project activities at a participation level against a predefined standard. Feedback and participation awards may be given to this group, but they are not permitted to be involved in peer-to-peer competition. Cloverbuds may not work with or show large animal projects (e.g. horse, swine, beef, goat, dairy, llama, sheep, or ostrich) at any 4-H related event. This policy does not prohibit 5-7 year olds from learning about large animals through attendance at meetings or field trips. They can not participate, however, in 4-H activities that bring them in contact with large animals due to safety and insurance considerations.

·       Ages 8 – 10: Junior Division

Any youth 8-10 years old as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year is considered a junior.

·       Ages 11 – 13: Intermediate Division

Any youth 11-13 years old as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year is considered an intermediate.

·       Ages 14 – 18: Senior Division

Any youth 14-18 years old as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year is considered a senior.

When should I (re)enroll?

The 4-H year runs from September through August. So, that means the new 4-H year begins September 1st, right after the start of the new school year. That is the easiest way to remember when to re-enroll! All 4-H members must re-enroll each year.  You may enroll in 4-H at any time.

The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer authorized to provide research educational information and other services only to individuals and institutions that function without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, handicap, or national origin. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, IFAS, FLORIDA A & M UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION PROGRAM, AND BOARDS OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS COOPERATING.

 4-H is a community of young people, across the nation, learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.

How is 4-H Supported?

4-H is part of the Cooperative Extension Service based on the land grant University system. 4-H is supported through grants, fundraising, donations and through county and state programs. The combined efforts of county, state, and federal governments support 4-H to provide educational, research-based programs for everyday living and the development of life skills. Local businesses and civic organizations also help fund the 4-H program in their area. Programs and activities are conducted through a partnership of local community volunteers and professional staff. The enrollment fee is $20.

What do 4-Hers do?

4-H members participate in the program through one or more of the following delivery methods?: Organized 4-H Clubs School Enrichment Programs Special Interest Programs (workshops, day camps, etc) 4-H Camps Individual Study (member at-large)

What Experiences Does 4-H Provide for Youth?

Project Experiences - working individually or in groups youth select topics of interest in which they study and learn. A 4-H project is a series of learning experiences within an area of interest (such as leadership, marine science, horses, etc). You may come in to the 4-H Office for information regarding project areas, or visit the Florida 4-H page for project area details.

Group Experiences - 4-Hers participate in groups through club meetings, classrooms, project meetings, or organized events, which provide an environment to learn leadership and group social skills.

4-H Events and Activities - specialized 4-H events are designed and conducted to support the 4-Her at the local, county, district, state, and national levels. These may be competitive or non-competitive in nature. At the club level- local clubs often plan and conduct their own events (family picnics, field trips, fund-raising, or community service activities).

At the county, district, state, and national levels- county or state faculty plan and conduct many specialized events to enhance and support local 4-Hers. Such events may include day camps, residential camps, workshops, clinics, and competitive events.

What are the Advantages of Being in 4-H?

4-H offers flexible programming to meet youth needs by emphasizing skill building processes and effective outcomes through activities that promote positive values, social responsibility, and lifelong learning. Young people involved in 4-H have the opportunity to: develop as an individual, learn life skills related to projects, make new friends, work with adult volunteers, develop pride as they learn by doing, and develop leadership skills.