March 2018

1 -Row Crop Short Course

Farmers from across the Florida Panhandle, as well as southern Alabama and Georgia are invited to attend the 2018 Panhandle Row Crop Short Course. The meeting will Registration and the trade show will begin at 7:15 AM (Central) with the meeting starting at 7:45 AM and concluding at 12:30 with a sponsored lunch.  The Panhandle Row Crop Short Course is an educational program provided by the UF/IFAS Panhandle Ag Extension Team. Topics to be addressed by speakers include peanut and cotton variety performance, pest management (weed, insect, nematode, and disease), fertility management, and the crop market outlook.

Florida Forest Stewardship Tour of George Owens’ Silvopasture Operation – March 14

The George Owens Farm is one of the most renowned silvopasture operations in the Southeastern U.S. Silvopasture combines timber with forage and livestock production. The trees are managed for high-value saw logs and, at the same time, provide shade, shelter and forage for livestock. This system reduces livestock stress and increases forage production. Properly managed silvopasture can be more productive, and often more profitable, than either timber or pasture management alone. Come see firsthand how this operation works.

Forage Legume Conference – March 15

Legumes are an economically important forage in the southern United States. With production benefits being found not only in the feeding value, but also in their ability to fix nitrogen to improve soil composition. In an effort to increase knowledge of the management and successful integration of legumes into southern grazing systems, the University of Florida presents the Forage Legume ConferenceThis will be the Southeast’s premier legume conference, featuring world-renowned experts in legume research and field management, with both classroom and field demonstrations being presented.

Mandatory Dicamba Resistant Crop Training – March 16

In 2017, dicamba resistant cotton and soybean crops were registered by the EPA. In many states (not Florida) there were hundreds of drift complaints. Because of these issues, EPA is requiring that anyone who wishes to apply dicamba to dicamba tolerant crops, must participate in an auxin herbicide training before applications are made in 2018.  Any farmer that grows cotton or soybeans in Florida could potentially plant varieties with dicamba resistance. UF/IFAS Extension Offices will be hosting an auxin herbicide training via interactive video.  Pesticide license holders will receive 2 CEUs through participation in this training.

19-22 - Central Panhandle Pesticide Training Series

The Central Panhandle Pesticide Training Series is a multi-county collaboration between Holmes, Washington, Jackson, and Calhoun Extension agents. This year the series is March 19-22 and will take place in Marianna at the Jackson County Extension Office. Registration is $10/session and refreshments will be provided. Sessions start each day with registration at 7:45am (CST). The daily sessions serve as review for a specific exam for individuals interested in obtaining a new license or category, as well as earning CEUs in one to two categories for those with an existing license. For more information or pre-registration, you can contact Sabrina Farr at the Jackson County Extension Office: 850-482-9620.

23-24 -UF/IFAS Bee College

The Panhandle Bee College is a two-day event offering training for beekeepers of all experience levels, gardeners, naturalists, county agents, and anyone interested in honey bees!   This year, the Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory will offer a mixture of multi-class training series in addition to traditional shorter lectures. The Friday and Saturday courses cover practical beekeeping skills, honey bee behavior, specialty hive products, native bees, and pollination. There will be live honey bee colonies on site for open hive demonstrations; protective gear is available for everyone.

Carinata Field Day - March 29

The Southeast Partnership for Advanced Renewables from Carinata (SPARC) and UF/IFAS are pleased to announce a Carinata Field Day, to be held in Quincy, Florida.  The focus of this field day will be on carinata production, risk management, and current crop improvement efforts. Specific topics to be disused include:  best management practices, fertility management and tillage practices, crop scouting, contracts, crop insurance, and marketing, carinata in crop rotations, advances in carinata genetics, and disease management.

April 2018

Beef Cattle Basics – Six Part Series – Begins April 12

Beef Cattle Basics is an educational series provided by UF/IFAS Extension, designed to give new and experienced producers a solid educational foundation for their beef cattle enterprises. Beef Cattle Basics will address six topics that are essential to beef operations of any size: Forages, Reproduction, Herd Health, Pasture Management, Marketing, and Nutrition.  Each of the topics will be the subject of a classroom session and a field practicum. Classroom sessions will be the second Thursday of each month, April through September.

Citrus Health Forum – April 19

The faculty and staff at the North Florida Research and Education Center would like to invite citrus producers to the Citrus Health Forum, to be held at the UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center, in Quincy, Florida.  The forum will feature: distribution of Asian citrus psyllid in North Florida, management of scab and alternaria, and citrus frost protection.  Invited scientists renowned for their expertise in citrus pest and disease management, including plant pathologists, horticulturists, and entomologists from throughout Florida will be sharing their experience and expertise.