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Horse Program

Youth must be 8 years or older by September 1st of the current 4-H year to participate in large animal projects, which includes horse.  Memebers need to carefully read the Florida 4-H State Rule Book.

Spring Qualifier Show Registration Packet

Horse Program Calendar 2017-18

Horse Sponsorship Packet

horse project registration form

Each member is responsible to know the rules for the classes, please read through the Lake County Horse Book

  • Helmet must have a certification label still in helmet, SEI/ASTM, sticker. Helmets will no longer be checked at shows, but still must adhere to the certifications. It is the responsibility of the rider to have a safe, approved helmet.

Horse Project Books

There are several record books from which to choose unless the youth member intends to show at the Area D/State Horse Shows. In this case, the Florida 4-H Horse Project Record must be completed, choices include the following:

    Horse Project Record Book

    Horse Non-Owner

    Horse Beginner

    Horse and Horsemanship

    Horse Science

    Horsemanship/Science Leader

Note:  Youth may only submit one book per year for judging under the horse project category.  If a combination of books is completed, they should be submitted together as one project record.

Important Dates

Please refer to our 4H Main Page for the current FYI for all 4H program dates.

Horse Shows 

The County 4-H Horse Shows are open to Lake County 4-H members only.  It is very important to become familiar with the Florida 4-H Horse Show Rule Book as this is strictly adhered to at all our shows.  Rule books can be picked up at the 4-H office.

Those who wish to compete beyond the county level have additional requirements!

These are as follows:

  1. Changes to your horse project registration form are due to the office before December 22nd.  All Project horses must be owned by, or leased to the project member/family before this deadline.  Horses bought or leased after this date are not eligible to be shown beyond the county in that program year.
  2. Complete a "Florida 4-H Project Record Book" and submit for county 4-H judging at the proper time.
  3. Exhibit the particular project horse that will go to the Area D Horse Show at the County 4-H Qualifier Horse Show in the Spring. Note: Other horses may be shown, but the one being taken to Area D must be shown in at least one class at the county show.
  4. You must attend one (1) of the two (2) mandatory horse safety meetings.  Failure to do so will result in ineligibility to enter the County Qualifier Show.

      2017 Fall Horse Show Registration DUE 10/6/17

Horse Advancement Series

The Horse Advancement Series is an optional activity for youth who own or lease a project horse. All youth begin with level 1 and may advance through level 4 if they remain with the project long-term and continue to grown in the knowledge, skill level and horsemanship expertise.  When each level has been achieved, a certificate is issued to the member from the county 4-H office.  The Advancement Series cannot be submitted in lieu of a Horse Project Book for Area D eligibility.

Horsemanship Schools

Instruction will place emphasis on horsemanship and equitation during morning and evening riding sessions. Additional sessions are planned for lecture/demonstration as well as recreation and crafts. 

UF Horsemanship School

Horse Judging

In Horse Judging, youth learn to evaluate a horse's form as it relates to function, and compare it to the ideal as well as to other horses. The added benefit is that it gives youth the opportunity to sharpen their decision making skills and their ability to defend those decisions.

     Judging Presentation

     Judging Evaluation

Miscellaneous Information


Florida Helmet Bill

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