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Which Pesticide License Do You Need?

Categories, exams, and study materials for each category. Study materials available to purchase at IFAS Extension Bookstore. Some materials available in the reference section of Lake County Libraries.

Pesticide License categories and study materials list.

Spanish - online pesticide applicator training.


Central Florida Pesticide Applicator Training Schedule



NEW WPS EPA-approved presentations to use to train workers and handlers. You must use the full, unaltered slide show and use the notes that are provided.

Fertilizer License

Need a Fertilizer License? You need to become Green Industry Best Management Practices (GI-BMP) Certified. Search for GI-BMP classes.

Limited Certification Application Instructions

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Limited Government/Private Certification

Urban Fertilizer Application Certification

On-Line CEUs

Free On-Line CEUs Provided by Extension

CEUs for fee from UF/IFAS Pesticide Information Office

Operation CleanSweep

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service has announced the launching of the 2015-16 “Operation Cleansweep”.  The purpose of “Operation Cleansweep” is to offer a safe, convenient, and cost effective mechanism for agricultural operations, golf courses, and pest control companies to properly dispose of canceled, suspended, and unusable pesticides (CSUP). 



Juanita Popenoe,, ext. 2727, for questions

Patty Fletcher, , ext. 2730, for scheduling exams