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The UF/IFAS Leon County Extension Horticulture Program focuses on spreading research-based, horticulture information to the citizens of Leon County to help them create beautiful landscapes in a way that protects and conserves Florida’s natural resources. We do this through educational programs, hands-on presentations, articles, social-media, and answering citizens' gardening questions. UF/IFAS Leon County Extension also coordinates Leon County’s Master Gardener Program and provide the training and and administer the exams required for landscape and agriculture professionals.

Master Gardener Program

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Lawn and Garden

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Commercial Horticulture

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Horticulture Blog

Master Gardeners with a Talent for Growing Food

The vegetable garden at the UF/IFAS Extension Leon County Demonstration Gardens is maintained by Master Gardener VegHeadz. The garden and the team were founded in 2011 with the goal of passing on information on research based north Florida...

Save Water, Keep Plants Healthy

Join us for a Micro-Irrigation Workshop One of the main efforts of the Leon County Master Gardener program is to promote Florida-Friendly Landscaping. There are 9 FFL principles, of which #2 is Water Efficiently. The first step in saving water...

Let That Digger Bee Be

Have you noticed many little dirt piles that resemble mini ant mounds around your yard? Well, fear not, for these mini mounds are made by digger bees who are excellent, yet ephemeral, early-spring pollinators. These solitary ground-nesters are...