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As the youth development program of IFAS Extension, 4-H is part of a national network. 4-H helps students develop the knowledge, life skills, and attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of society. This mission is fulfilled through hands-on learning experiences in agricultural and environmental awareness, leadership, communication skills, citizenship, energy conservation, health, and food and nutrition.

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So What Exactly is County Events?

It's County Events season! But what is that? County Events is an annual chance for 4-H members to show off their knowledge, skills, and talents in a 4-H project area through multiple competitions. This year's County Events will have 7 competitions - 4 which will be performed live on 3/5 and 3 which will be due prior. To register, go to:

Mid-Year Checkup for Leaders, Youth, and Parents

January is a time for new resolutions and getting back on track. We are midway through our 4-H year and now is the perfect time to pause and reflect on how we're doing as 4-H leaders, members, and parents. Have you gotten into any bad habits or forgotten something you should be working on? No problem, now is the time to catch up! Use the questions below to help you get started. Club Leaders: Am I... Preparing in advance


4-H’er of the Month – Emma Norstrem

Emma is known for consistently challenging herself to learn about multiple subjects and helping those around her. Her projects are always top-notch and she stays genuinely smiling all while pushing herself to be better. Last year, Emma competed in County Events in multiple categories, excelled in a high-level science summer program, and held leadership positions within her 4-H clubs. Emma submitted impressive artworks and competed in the open