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As the youth development program of IFAS Extension, 4-H is part of a national network. 4-H helps students develop the knowledge, life skills, and attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of society. This mission is fulfilled through hands-on learning experiences in agricultural and environmental awareness, leadership, communication skills, citizenship, energy conservation, health, and food and nutrition.

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Catch up with County Events

Nassau County 4-H just hosted another successful year of County Events! 4-H members of all ages competed in multiple competitions including public speaking, a talent show, cooking, sewing, and photography. Fifteen youth took the stage in front of a live audience to perform speeches and demonstrations on topics such as preparing animals for show, changing the shocks for your car, arranging flowers, and so much more. Parents and judges were blown


Public Speaking – Don’t Be Afraid!

With County Events just around the corner, let's take a minute to talk about public speaking. Many people may feel anxious or even afraid when considering speaking or presenting in public. In fact, fear of public speaking - also known as glossophobia - is one of the most common phobias. But public speaking doesn't have to scare you - it can challenge you and help you grow! Public speaking is a part of almost every career path. Communication is


Chicks: Coming to a Classroom Near You!

Each year Nassau County reaches over 1,200 youth through our Embryology School Program. The goal of this program is to spread the excitement of science and the wonder of life throughout our schools by hatching chicken eggs in the classroom setting. This is an annual spring program and is available to county schools from February to May. So what is so special about this