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As the youth development program of IFAS Extension, 4-H is part of a national network. 4-H helps students develop the knowledge, life skills, and attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of society. This mission is fulfilled through hands-on learning experiences in agricultural and environmental awareness, leadership, communication skills, citizenship, energy conservation, health, and food and nutrition.

4H Youth

The 4-Hs and You(th)

The 4-H pledge is more than a few sentences with hand gestures that you repeat at meetings and events. These words were chosen with greater meaning and purpose! Take a few minutes to rethink the pledge: the how it's performed, the why we say it, and what it means to you. The How It is interesting to witness large groups of 4-Hers saying the pledge together as there are always a few different


Living Like a Leader

This week has been very busy for our Leadership and Communications programs. These activities allow youth to have new experiences, meet new people and develop the life skills that prepare them to get jobs - all while having fun! Read on to catch up on our latest programs... Club Officer Training Tuesday, we had Officer Training for our County Council to teach other 4-H'ers how to be better club officers and members.4-H'ers


‘Tis the Season to Avoid Holiday Scams

  ‘Tis The Season to Avoid Holiday Scams Scammers use the Holidays to glean your personal and financial information and infect your computer with identity-stealing malware.  Here are the top 4 schemes, and how to avoid them. Bogus Email Notifications claiming to be from FedEx, UPS, DHL, or the US Postal Service has a delivery for you. Don’t click, because if you