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Richard Tyson is the Director of the UF/IFAS Extension office in Orlando, FL.

He received his Ph.D. in Horticultural Sciences from the University of Florida. He networks with the agricultural community, urban and rural clientele, as well as city and county governments, to promote and enhance sustainable farm to table local food systems in Orange County.

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Selected Publications

Selected Lectures

  • Tyson, R.V. 2016. Can decoupling with fertigation result in mainstreaming aquaponics? Aquaponics Association Annual Mtg, Austin, TX.
  • Tyson, R.V. 2015. Sustainable agricultural opportunities for local food systems: hydroponics and aquaponics. American Oil Chemist Society Annual Mtg, Orlando, FL.
  • Tyson, R.V. 2013. Aquaponics research & application for sustainable urban farming. The Kari Lecture Series Seminar, Crop Sciences Department, University of Illinois, Champlain, IL.
  • Tyson, R.V. 2013. Urban farming program demonstrates sustainable practices. National Assoc. of Extension Professionals Annual Mtg & Professional Improvement Conference, Pittsburg, PA.


Small Farms / Urban Farms / Food Production

This is but one webpage developed and maintained by a statewide team of Cooperative Extension Service faculty and staff of the University of Florida and Florida A&M University.


Small farms represent over 90% of all farms in Florida, based on the USDA definition of a small farm as one with up to $250,000 in sales. These farms make about 15% of all farm product sales in Florida and have gained much greater visibility as an important sector of the agricultural industry in the “Sunshine State”. Small farmers and allied organizations have identified critical issues facing small farms in Florida. The issues include access to profitable markets, business skills development, accessible technical information, and alternative crops and enterprises.


The Small Farms Extension team provides this web page so you can find commonly needed information from "getting started" to "evaluating an alternative enterprise", to "finding a market", all in one place on the web. In addition, the team coordinates several regional workshops, a statewide Florida Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Conference and regional small farms working groups that meet periodically on operating small farms. You can find the schedule of all of these activities by visiting the Calendar of Events section of the UF/IFAS Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises website.

Richard Tyson, County Extension Director

Richard Tyson, Ph.D.
Extension Faculty, County Extension Director
Agriculture – Small Farms/Urban Farms
E-mail: Small Farms/Urban Farms, Hydroponics

Darla Wilkes
Administrative Assistant
Small Farms/Urban Farms
E-mail : Darla Wilkes

Urban Farming Fact Sheet:

A Practical Guide for Aquaponics as an Alternative Enterprise

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