Commercial Horticulture


The Pinellas County Commercial Horticulture Program provides education and training based on the latest research from the University of Florida. The Commercial Horticulture staff is available to help solve local problems, provide CEUs and, improve the quality of life for all citizens.


The State of Florida requires that most professionals that apply pesticides as part of their job be certified to legally apply ANY pesticides (even Round-Up). Who must be certified and the type of certification required depends on the type of chemicals used, the site of application and the role of the applicator. Click the link above to view licensing requirements.

Classes, Resources, Contact Us

Visit the link above to view our upcoming classes, events, contact information, and additional resources (fact sheets, presentations, etc.)


Paper exams are the first Wednesday of the month - must have voucher printed (link above). Arrive before 9 A.M. Computer exams are the first Friday of the month and must be scheduled. Exams start at 8:30 A.M. To reserve your computer for testing and get your voucher visit the link above. For more information contact Bob Albanese (727) 582-2081