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What is a 4-H Project?

A 4-H Project is any learning expereince of six hours or more.  Youth can complete a project in just about anything.  Youth can complete a Project Book or a Record Book in any project. 

A Project Book is a guide of activities and learning experiences that a 4-H'er can work on individually or in a 4-H club.  A Record Book is an organized method of keeping records on a project, for example beef, dairy, shooting sports, or clothing created.

In Sumter County youth are encouraged to complete and turn in a record of your project accomplishments for each year.  In order to receive a 4-H year pin you must turn in a completed Project or Record Book.  Youth turning in a completed book will also receive a project pin.  To have a completed book you must follow all project/record book requirements. 

How to Complete a Project Book

Project Check List

4-H Project Report

CB Project Summary Form CB Project Summary Form
JR Project Report (PDF) JR Project Report (Word)
Intermediate Project Report (PDF) Intermediate Project Report (Word)
SR Project Report (PDF) SR Project Report (Word)

4-H Accomplishments

Project Book Score Sheet


All forms can be typed into by saving to your computer.  PDF version will not save what you type so you need to print after typing. 

For clean printed copies to handwrite in, use the pdf version.

Florida 4-H Curriculum

Follow the 4-H Curriculum Clearinghouse link find out more information about 4-H projects and how to expand upon your 4-H project.  Additional curriculum can be found at the 4-H Mall website.

DO NOT USE THE LISTED MARKET RECORD BOOK!  Only the Sumter County Fair Market Animal Record Book will be accepted!

4-H Project Hand-Outs

Follow the 4-H Project Handouts link find out more information about 4-H projects and how to expand upon your 4-H project.  

4-H Awards and Recognition

Recognition is a basic human need that we all experience.  It builds self-esteem and a personal valuing of an experience.  Recognition is also an important component of the 4-H experience and is also an integral part of all 4-H educational experiences. 

4-H members in Sumter County are awarded for a year of participation by completing a Project Book or a Record Book. 

Any 4-H member who turns in a completed Project or Record book will receive a 4-H year pin, a Project pin and an invitation to our Annual Youth Awards Banquet.   

Youth MUST turn in a completed project book or record book in order to qualify for awards.

Youth who turn in a completed Project or Record book are encouraged to turn in applications for our 4-H Awards.  Youth must turn in a completed Project or Record book in order to qualify for awards.

County Awards

Outstanding 4-H'er of the Year

  • Categories:  Junior, Intermediate and Senior
  • Application to Apply:  "Building My Portfolio" [Juniors and Intermediates only] and Senior Portfolio [Seniors only]
  • Building My Portfolio with Examples
Junior/Intermediate "Building My Portfolio" pdf Junior/Intermediate "Building My Portfolio" word
Senior Portfolio pdf pdf Senior Portfolio word

4-H Scholarships

Sumter County 4-H awards two graduating 4-H members with a $500 scholarship each year.  Senior 4-H members can apply via submitting the 4-H portfolio.  Those applying must be attending and accepted to a state college, university or trade school.  Monies awarded can be used for tuition, books, etc.  Senior 4-H members can also apply for the Florida 4-H Scholarships by following the Florida 4-H Scholarships link. 

Senior 4-H Portfolio

  • Complete for scholarships and award trip opportunities from the State 4-H Office
  • Application to Apply:  Senior Portfolio pdf
  • Link for additional information

Graduating Senior County Scholarship

Quilting Guild of The Villages

Derek Sims Scholarship Honored by Apple Pie 4-H Club

  • Application to ApplyDerek Sims Scholarship
  • Qualifications:  Applicants must be a Junior or Senior actively participating in agriculture through 4-H.  Applicants must be demonstrating a commitment to a career in the agriculture industry; (fields of study may include:  education, communications, productions, research, etc.).

Horseman of the Year

  • Application to Apply:  Horseman of the Year
  • Qualifications:  Must have completed at least Junior year of high school and have completed at least two years of the horse project including current year

What are Performance Standards?

Performance standards are a set of guidelines for member participation:  in Florida, there are several options for youth and/or clubs to work toward.  As members or groups complete the levels of standard, they are pesented an award. 

Why are Performance Standards a Part of the 4-H Program?

Performance standards make youth aware of the opportunities available in the 4-H

Standards of Excellence

  • Qualifications:  Standards of Excellence:  Bronze, Silver, Gold or Emerald
  • Standards of Excellence Helpful Tips
  • Application to Apply:
Standards of Excellence Cloverbud(5-7) Standards of Excellence Cloverbud(5-7)
Standards of Excellence Junior(8-10) Standards of Excellence Junior(8-10)
Standards of Excellence Intermediate(11-13) Standards of Excellence Intermediate(11-13)
Standards of Excellence Senior(14-18) Standards of Excellence Senior(14-18)

Club Awards

Club High Participation Award

Standards of Excellence

What We Can Help With

oranges - UF/IFAS Extension AgricultureAgriculture

tree over water -  UF/IFAS Extension Natural ResourcesNatural Resources

UF/IFAS Extension 4H Youth Development4-H Youth Development

planting a seedling in the ground   - UF/IFAS Extension Lawn and GardenLawn & Garden

Family Picnic - UF/IFAS Extension Family ResourcesFamily Resources

Field Day - UF/IFAS Extension Learning OpportunitiesLearning Opportunities

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