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Wild Radish In Bloom During Winter

By Les Harrison The natural tri-colors of Wakulla County’s winter are vividly on display now. The muted tones of green, tan and brown represent the evergreens and the deciduous species. The rainbow shades of brilliant spring hues will be here in a few weeks, but for now only a few plants offer any variation to the subdued tints. These heralds of the growing season to come have had to work hard during the winter of 2018 with its frequent


Even Under Frost, Some Wakulla Weeds Still Bloom

The winters in Wakulla County are always (relatively) pleasant especially when they are compared to the remainder of the country. While ice-age conditions may be inflicting a polar environment on the remainder of the country, here in North Florida the season of short days and long nights only means the lawn mowers get a rest. The reprieve from yard work allows more time to be spent on important tasks, such as watching on-air sporting events.


Tips For Autumn Lawn Maintenance

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director October brings the prospect of relief from the heat and humidity of a Wakulla County summer. The temperatures have moderated, albeit slightly, alleviating some of the oppressive qualities of the daylight hours. The sun’s progression into the southern sky has lengthened the nights to the point where they have a majority of the minutes, and soon hours, for the next six months. The