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More than 25,000 square miles of forests represent nearly half of Florida's land area. These trees provide us with wood and fiber products.

Approximately 650 million cubic feet of wood is harvested annually from sustainably managed forests. For information about sustainable agriculture, see Sustainable Living: Agriculture.

Florida’s forests also support outdoor recreational opportunities and provide important environmental services such as wildlife habitat, biodiversity and clean water. For more information, see Forests & Uplands.

  • Agroforestry
    Forest farming and grazing, alternative uses, economics, pest control, and other topics.
  • Fire in Florida
    A series of short radio spots providing information about fire prevention and control in Florida, as well as a variety of wildland fire resources.
  • Florida Land Steward website
    Forest stewardship, resources, management, planning, assistance, events, and news.
  • Programs & Resources for Educators & Youth
    Environmental education programs and resources for educators and youth.
  • Timber
    Economics, taxes, diseases and pests, management and marketing.
  • Wood to Energy Outreach Project
    This project aims to increase community understanding and discussion about the possibility of using wood as an energy source in the South.

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