University of Florida

House & Home


These pages provide links to information about your home, such as making repairs, getting home insurance, buying and selling a house, dealing with a landlord, and keeping your home environment clean.

  • Building & Renovating
    Information about redesigning your home and hiring licensed contractors.
  • Disaster Preparedness & Recovery
    Preparing your home and property, coping with stress, and recovery assistance programs.
  • Home Environment
    Maintaining a healthy and attractive home.
  • Home Insurance
    Flood and renter's insurance, insurance claims, and the Florida insurance guide.
  • Housing & Communities
    Housing density, affordability, green space and development, and self-sufficient neighborhoods.
  • Housing Options
    Home ownership, rentals, assisted living, mortgages.
  • Maintenance & Repair
    How to hire a licenced contractor or do your own simple home repairs and improvements.
  • Pests
    Indoor and structural pests and methods of controling them.
  • Sustainable Living
    Waste reduction, energy efficiency, composting, and other topics.

For information about community housing issues--such as efficient and affordable housing, housing density, and green development--see Building & Construction and Land Use & Development under Sustainable Living.

For information about home water quality, see Water Resources.

If you can't find the information you're looking for, send us your questions--and let us know which county you live in--or contact your county Extension office.