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Make Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day serves to remind us of the need for environmental stewardship. Visit the websites listed below to learn about ways to enjoy and protect the environment.

  • Celebrate Earth Day--EPA
    Use the EPA's tips for being environmentally friendly in your home, community, and school, as well as at work and play.
  • History of Earth Day and the U.S. EPA--EPA
    Learn about the EPA's progress in protecting human health and safeguarding the natural environment over the past four decades.
  • Living Green
    Get information about sustainable living practices so that you can cultivate a healthy environment in your own community.
  • Easy Actions Green Tips--Florida DEP
    Our Department of Environmental Protection offers "easy actions" to reduce waste, protect air quality, conserve water, and protect water quality in your home and Florida's environment.

Solutions for Your Life

Below you'll find some of our articles to help you enjoy and conserve Florida's environment and natural resources:

Earth from space

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