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Planting in August

August marks the transition from summer to fall—especially in your garden. If you're wondering what you should plant this month, then use these suggestions based on the Florida climate zones. To find out which region you live in, take a look at the gardening region map.

North Florida

Bedding Plants: Because August includes some of the hottest days of the year, plant heat-tolerant varieties, such as vinca, gaillardia, bulbine, and coleus.

Bulbs: Plant Aztec lily, butterfly lily, walking iris, and spider lily any time of the year—even in August.

Herbs: Opt for herbs, such as laurel, ginger, and rosemary, that can be planted from plants opposed to seeds.

Vegetables: Since August marks the beginning of the fall planting season, it's time to plant cool-season crops with the last crop of warm-season vegetables, such as peppers.

Central Florida

Bedding Plants: Stick to planting heat-tolerant coleus, kalanchoe, and vinca.

Bulbs: Like in northern Florida, Aztec lily, butterfly lily, walking iris, and spider lily flourish now.

Herbs: Plant ginger, rosemary, and bay laurel, which can be planted from plants.

Vegetables: August is the perfect time to start planting cool-season crops, such as collards and onions. However, you can still plant a final crop of warm-season vegetables.

South Florida

Bedding Plants: Try plants that can withstand the heat, such as vinca, coleus, salvia, and celosia.

Bulbs: Aztec lily, butterfly lily, walking iris, and spider lily can be planted now and any time throughout the year in southern Florida.

Herbs: In August, try herbs that can be planted from plants and not seeds (ginger, rosemary, and Mexican tarragon).

Vegetables: You can start many cool-season crops, such as beans and collards. Tomatoes can also be planted for your fall garden.

Adapted and excerpted from:

Florida Gardening Calendar,” UF/IFAS Florida Gardening Calendar.

Coleus plants

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