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Planting in May

In May, temperatures increase throughout the state, so Florida gardeners should opt for heat-tolerant plants. Use these recommendations, which are based on Florida’s climate zones, to see what you should plant this month. Find out which region you live in using the gardening region map.

North Florida

Annuals: North Florida gardeners should plant annuals that can tolerate summer heat, such as ornamental pepper, angelonia, and wax begonia.

Bulbs: Ensure months of color by planting early-, mid-, and late-blooming daylily varieties. 

Herbs: Continue planting basil, sage, and other heat-loving herbs.

Vegetables: Try planting sweet potato, southern pea, and okra this month.

Central Florida

Annuals: Opt for plants that can bear summer heat, including salvia and coleus.

Bulbs: Some lilies, such as the Amazon and Aztec, fair better when their roots are crowded, so plant them in containers to increase blooming.

Herbs: Choose herbs that love heat, such as Mexican tarragon and rosemary.

Vegetables: Plant Southern favorites (okra, southern pea, and sweet potato).

South Florida

Annuals: This month, plant annuals that can handle the summer heat, such as torenia, wax begonia, and coleus.

Bulbs: Growers in South Florida can try planting Amazon, Aztec, and Clivia lilies in containers, which will increase blooming.

Herbs: Plant heat-loving herbs, including ginger, cumin, and summer savory.

Vegetables: Southern pea, okra, and sweet potato can all be planted in May.

Adapted and excerpted from:

Florida Gardening Calendar,” UF/IFAS Florida Gardening Calendar (Accessed 04/2014).


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