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Fall Sustainability

With fall’s arrival, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to be more eco-friendly in your home and in your daily routine. Use the following tips to make your fall more sustainable.

  • Take advantage of the weather and reduce your car usage by walking or riding a bike to school, to work, or to run errands.
  • Turn off the air conditioner, and open up the windows to let some cool breezes into your home.
  • When raking and cleaning fallen leaves and yard wastes, add them to your compost—not to a landfill.  
  • During fall cleaning, use the least-hazardous cleaning products, donate old clothes, recycle, and eCycle.
  • With the holidays approaching, reuse boxes, bags, and other gift wrapping materials.
  • Did you know new car fuel efficiency ratings come out in October? If you want to buy a new car, be sure to review the “cleaner” and “greener” vehicles beforehand.
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Fall leaves

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