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Sustainable Halloween Tips

When you think of Halloween, you probably envision candy, scary movies, and trick-or-treating, but what about sustainability? From costumes to decorations, Halloween actually provides a great opportunity to put sustainable practices into action.

Here are some things you can do to be “green” this Halloween.

  • Instead of purchasing a costume, make one from used clothing (search your closet or visit a thrift store) or recycled materials.
  • If you decorate with lights, use LED or solar lights.
  • Use recycled materials or natural items, such as gourds and pumpkins, to decorate the home.
  • Instead of shopping at a large grocery store, buy your pumpkins, squash, and other Halloween-inspired vegetables locally.
  • Collect candy with a reusable bag.
  • Use the meat from your jack-o’-lantern to make a pumpkin pie, and roast the seeds for snacking.
  • Reuse or donate costumes and decorations next year.
  • Send out party invitations electronically rather than in the mail.
  • Consider throwing a "zero" waste party—everything is either used or recycled.

Remember all it takes is a little creativity to incorporate sustainable practices into holiday festivities!

Adapted and excerpted from:

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