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Summertime Water Savings

While the outside temperature surges during Florida’s hot summer, so does the amount of water homeowners use. Throughout the summer, an average family can use 1,000 gallons of water per day, a 600-gallon increase over their daily use in cooler months!

By following these quick tips, you can conserve water inside your home this summer.


  • Fill a pitcher of water and cool it in the fridge, instead of running water until it’s cool to drink.
  • Check for any leaks and fix them.
  • Put your frozen foods in the refrigerator to thaw overnight, not in a water-filled sink.
  • Scrape foods off of dishes rather than rinse them.
  • Be sure to only wash a full load of dishes.
  • Reuse water when possible.

Laundry Room

  • Like the dishwasher, wash only full loads of laundry.
  • When you can, use cold-water wash cycles.
  • Use accurate water levels and load size options for the washer.


  • Don’t let water run when it’s not needed—turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your hands or face.
  • Instead of baths, take showers.
  • Get into the shower as soon as it is hot enough, and try to take short showers.
  • Search for leaks and repair them.
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