fruits and vegetables

Fruit & Vegetable Gardening


Learn what varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs grow best in Florida and find information on planting dates, fertilizing, pruning, pest management, and hydroponic production systems.



Fruit growing is an interesting and rewarding hobby, which provides fresh fruit at the peak of its maturity. Fruit plants are also an attractive addition to many landscapes.

basket of vegetables

Vegetables & Herbs

Vegetable gardening offers fresh air, sunshine, exercise, enjoyment, mental therapy, nutritious fresh vegetables, and economic savings, as well as many other benefits. Vegetables can be grown year-round in Florida if attention is paid to the appropriate planting dates.

Hydroponic Lettuce


Learn about hydroponic production systems, soil-less media choices, specialty crops, nutrient solution delivery, pest management, harvesting and marketing from UF's virtual hydroponic demonstration greenhouse.