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Get Involved in 4-H (youth, Families, Volunteers, & Schools)

  • Youth & Families

    About 4-H Clubs

    4-H follows the "Learn by Doing" philosophy and gives youth the opportunity to build essential life skills through hands-on, project-based work alongside caring adult leaders. 4-H clubs are formed by screened volunteers in various communities in Broward County. Each club adapts one or more curricula/project books to use throughout the year as an educational supplement. Curriculum provides hands-on activities and lessons. At the end of the 4-H year, the project book is submitted to the county 4-H office to be "graded," and youth may receive prizes and scholarships toward 4-H. See the “4-H Projects” section bellow for more information about what kids work on in 4-H.

     4-H community and school clubs meet at least once a month to hold a business meeting and conduct project work. 4-H projects include everything from fishing to robotics, sewing to cooking, archery to marine ecology, leadership to citizenship, and much more! 4-H club meetings are as youth-led as possible. Youth elect club officers and vote on club activities. Leaders and volunteers are present during meetings and activities to provide guidance and resources.

    This video gives a brief overview of what a 4-H club looks like. Check out our YouTube page for example of service learning projects our youth have raised funding for, planned, and executed with the guidance of adult volunteers - true leadership! For instance, they have built purple martin houses and held STEM nights at local schools. Get a former 4-H'ers perspective on her time in Broward County 4-H. 


    How to Join

    The Broward County 4-H open enrollment period beings on September 1 and continues year-round. 4-H has community clubs that meet all around Broward County. Not sure how to join a club? It's easy - just visit the Broward 4-H Club Directory and identify a club that you are interested in joining. Contact the leader of that club and set up a time to attend a club meeting. If you decide to become an official member of the club, your club leader will instruct you to register in 4-H Online*, our official enrollment system.

    *Please do not register in 4-H Online until you have contacted a club leader and they have asked you to do so.

    There is a $20 membership fee per youth (maximum: $60 per family). This fee will cover the cost of member insurance and will provide each member with one project book of the member's choice.

    For more information regarding the membership fee, please visit our FAQ section.

    Independent Members

    Broward County 4-H recognizes that the club model is not ideal for every youth, and that families may face timing, location, or transportation difficulties. In response to this, 4-H is providing an option of independent 4-H membership for youth who are not able to participate in existing 4-H community or school clubs. Independent 4-H membership allows youth to be involved with 4-H outside of a club setting. Independent members are full-fledged members of 4-H who engage in self-directed, planned learning with the help of a parent or mentor.

    While independent members do not belong to a club and work on their projects independently, they are still a part of the 4-H community.

    These members register annually in 4-H Online, and are eligible to participate in County, District, State, and National 4-H events and activities. After enrolling, they can purchase a project book from Shop 4-H and follow the instructions to assemble their project book for reivew in August. While working on their project, they are invited to participate in events such as County Council, the Fair, and Florida 4-H events - just like our community club members do!

    Please contact the 4-H Office if you have any questions.

  • Teachers & After-School Programs

    School Enrichment Programs

    Schools have ample opportunities to bring 4-H to their students. School enrichment allows teachers to bring a taste of 4-H to the classroom through special programs, with the support and resources of the local 4-H office. Current programs include financial literacy, college and career preparation, and embryology.

    Incorporate 4-H  in Your Classroom 

    With projects in virtually every subject, teachers can start a 4-H club in the classroom! Are you an art teacher looking to have your students create a portfolio and receive recognition? Are you an English teacher who wants students to work on public speaking and have opportunities to present on topics they are passionate about? Are you a science teacher looking to get your students excited about robotics or environmental science? There are endless possibilities for incorporating 4-H curriculum in your lesson plan. Plus, students will have opportunities to receive additional recognition for their work at events like the Broward 4-H Community Fair and through the completion of their project books. Contact the 4-H Office if you would like to bring 4-H to your classroom for a longer-term than a classroom enrichment project. This opportunity is available to all grades K-12.

    Science kits

    Broward 4-H provides national curriculum created by 4-H using research based information. Work through these science kits at your own pace with your students. These kits range from amphibians to robotics to coding. Email to check out what is available. 

    Financial Literacy

    Learning how to be budget savvy starts at a young age. This interactive program provides youth an opportunity to start planning their future. A personality test is administered and youth are assigned a profession based on the results of the personality test. Youth are also given a family scenario and are taught to budget their money while providing the basic necessities for their family. This program is available for grades 8-12.

    4-H After-school

    4-H after-school programs offer youth a safe, healthy, and enriched after-school environment that utilizes structured learning in partnerships with caring adults. 4-H after-school programs address the interests of youth in their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs, and can easily fit into existing after-school programs. For more information about bringing 4-H to your after-school program, please contact the 4-H Office at (954) 756-8519.

  • Volunteers

    Broward County 4-H is currently looking for new volunteers. Here are some ways you can get involved:

    Start a 4-H Club
    Help plan or volunteer at special events
    Be a judge for special events
    Teach a specific skill
    Chaperone a special event
    Join our Board

    Starting a 4-H Club

    4-H is not just about farming, gardening, and animals. It is so much more than you think! Do you enjoy working out and teaching kids about healthy lifestyles? Cooking dishes from around the world or sewing a fabulous shirt? Taking pictures or dancing? Do you like science, education on invasive species of plants, or restoring habitats in the Florida Everglades? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can start a 4-H club in your community!

    Can youth volunteer with 4-H? 

    4-H believes in developing the leaders of tomorrow and encourages youth to give back to their communities. The best way for youth to volunteer with 4-H is to join a 4-H club and participate in community service activities or run for an officer position. Club level service activities are related to the primary project area that the club focuses on. Want to just focus on service learning? 4-H has a Service Learning project book.

    4-H youth also have the opportunity to serve as leaders within the 4-H program at the county, district, state, and even national levels. Youth can join a club and run for officer positions to make even more of an impact on the program.

    What is the first step in becoming a volunteer or club leader?

    Call the office and express your interest. Be specific about what your club would focus on. You can also email

    Volunteers who would like to be a club leader, attend overnight events, or work with youth for more than 10 hours a month will need to be fingerprinted in addition to the standard background screening. This process can be started at 4-H Online, with instructions for enrollment HERE

    What do I need to start a 4-H Club?

    Two adults, background screened and fingerprinted (we'll help you do this)
    Complete a volunteer orientation with 4-H staff
    Complete official club paperwork
    Five youth from at least three different families
    Pick a project area (or multiple) - review 4-H curriculum for options
    Plan to meet at least nine times a year
    Complete a service learning activity

    My background check is complete – where do I go from here?

    Your local 4-H agent will set up a date with you to complete a volunteer orientation.

    Start recruiting members from your local community. Try to establish a diverse group. Also, find a meeting location such as a place of worship, community center, club leader's home, or school.

    Select club officers within the first three months of establishing your club.

    Where can I start a 4-H club?

    If you are a teacher, you may want to talk to your school principal about starting a club at your school, either in your classroom or as a part of an existing after-school program.

    Community clubs can meet anywhere in Broward County. Options include community centers, parks, places of worship, and other convenient group-meeting spaces. The Broward County Extension Office is also available for groups to meet. Contact the 4-H Office if you would like assistance in finding a meeting space.

    When can I officially use the 4-H name and emblem?

    After three months and a minimum of three meetings, you will need to fill out a Club Charter application. Along with this application, you will need to include the names of your club officers as well as your club bylaws or rules. Submit the Club Charter to the Broward 4-H Office, along with the other Leader Contracts. We will mail this form to Gainesville and we will receive a certificate stating that you are an official 4-H Club.

    How do I log my volunteer hours?

    Volunteer hours are to be submitted on a quarterly basis to the 4-H Agent. 

    For more information about volunteering with 4-H, call the Broward 4-H office at 954-756-8519. Coming in Spring 2021 hours can be submitted in 4-H Online

  • 4-H Projects

    4-H Projects and Curriculum fall under 4-H's three priority program areas: Science, Citizenship and Leadership, and Healthy Living. Youth can choose from more than 60 projects that focus on science, engineering and technology, animals and agriculture, food and nutrition, outdoor adventures, marine science, public speaking, art, wildlife, and much more. Visit the Curriculum Clearinghouse and the Projects Handouts Inventory to get an idea of how much you can do in 4-H. 

    Each 4-H member enrolls in at least one project each year. At the end of the year, a Project Book can be combined with supporting materials and turned in as a Project Record. One project book can be ordered for each community club member each 4-H year; review Project Books HERE. Below, youth will find all of the information necessary to complete a Project Book and Project Record Book. Project Record Books are due to the Broward 4-H office no later than the second Monday in August.

    If you are unsure if an older version of 4-H curriculum is a complete Project Book or an activity only, please contact us the Broward 4-H office. 4-H staff will be happy to answer all of your project-related questions.

    Click HERE to obtain resources for your Project Record Book

  • Start a 4-H Club

    Can't seem to find a club that fits your needs? Starting a 4-H club is easy. All it takes is five youth from at least three different families, and two committed adult leaders. For more information about starting your own 4-H club visit our FAQ section. Need further instruction? Contact the Broward 4-H office at 954-756-8519 or

    Check out this video explaining with a 4-H club looks like

    Club paperwork can be found HERE

    Resources for club leaders can be found HERE


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