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Duval County Agriculture

Duval County Agriculture

Hay Resources

Forage Testing

Learn about the importance of testing forage & how to do it correctly.

Estimating Amount of Forage

Learn how to estimate the amount of forage in your hay fields or pastures.

Round Bale Sizes

Learn how the dimension of your round bale can define its use.

Winter Feed Estimator

Learn how to judge how much hay you will need to supply for your livestock during the winter.

Supplementing Beef Cattle

Learn how to manage your forage/hay crop to effectively supplement beef cattle.

Forage Quality

Learn what factors affect forage quality and how to mitigate them. 

Winter Legume Guide

Here you will find information regarding how to plant winter forage legumes.

Spiderwort Control

Find information regarding spiderwort and how it effects your hay crop.