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Food Safety & Preservation

Food preservation is the process of treating and handling food to stop or slow down food spoilage, loss of quality, edibility or nutritional value.  Food safety is a year round concern.

Food preservation prevents contamination.  The methods of food preservation are canning, freezing, and drying.  All can help assure safe food for eating so choose the method that best meets your needs.  Publications on freezing and canning foods are available from the Escambia County Extension office.

Food safety is a year-round concern.  Foodborne illness can start at any time.  The key is to know the food safety guidelines.  Food safety applied to food production, selection, food storage, and food preparation.  Know the rules!!


Resources and Additional Information

Dorothy Lee Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent II, B.S., C.F.C.S. (850) 475-5230

3740 Stefani Road Cantonment, FL 32533