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Environmental Education

The UF/IFAS Extension Sea Grant agent in northeast Florida offers a variety of education resources for teachers, families and adults. Curricula are correlated to Florida and national education standards.

Educational videos

Several lessons from the curricula below have been recorded and are available on this page, along with other educational videos.

Bite-sized Science webinar series

These webinars are geared towards a general adult audience, although content is appropriate for upper middle and high school students. The webinars are being presented during April and May at 4 pm each day, Monday through Friday. Webinars will be short--30 minutes--with time for questions following the presentation. Registration is required for each webinar.                 

Elementary Curricula

Activities for K-1, 2-3 and 4-5 grades can be found at the manatee page.

19-lesson 4th grade cetacean (whale/dolphin) curriculum. Contains 9 lessons on North Atlantic right whales. One lesson has been adapted for 1st grade.

Original book and 10-lesson 5th grade sea turtle curriculum

Exploring our Environment Adult "day camps"

4 or 5-day adult educational "day camp" programs are offered once or twice a year. These classes combine classroom-based presentations and hands-on activities with outdoor field experiences. Based at the GTMNERR classroom in the town of Marineland, the cost for each class is $125 for the week. There is not currently a class scheduled. Please check back, or request to be notified, when the next class is planned. If you have any questions, please contact Maia at 386-437-7464 or by email.

Water School for decision-makers

Habitat-related activities/lesson plans/resources


Beach Plants: Photos, common and scientific names of common beach plants in northeast/central Florida.

Beach scavenger hunt activity: Scavenger hunt designed to make participants aware of the sources of items they find on the beach. Includes background information about many of the items on the list, as well as questions for discussion. Works with all ages, best for 2nd grade and older.

Beach book: Coloring book for kids to color, cut out and assemble. Best for K-2nd grade.


Saltmarsh plants: Photos, common and scientific names of common salt marsh plants in northeast/central Florida.

Edible Estuary activity: Uses food products to represent the biotic and abiotic components of the estuary. Kids get to eat it when they're done! I've used this with all ages (K-gray). Activity takes about 15 minutes; longer if you talk about each of the components as they are added. Allow time for cleanup at the end!

Estuary Food Web activity: Set of 21 cards, each represents a component of the estuarine food web. Food web activity using yarn (start with producers and pass yarn back and forth between producers and their consumers; repeat for all predator-prey relationships in the food web. Once web is complete, examine what happens when one of the links in the web is removed because of natural causes or human activites.) Designed for 4th grade.

Coastal Hammocks

Coastal Hammock Plants: Photos, common and scientific names of common coastal hammock plants in northeast/central Florida.

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