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images of sliced citrus fruit, mango trees and fruit cup desserts

Indian River & St. Lucie County Fruit & Field Crops Program


To provide commercial fruit crops producers with relevant, research based information for the production of high quality fruit and field crops using nutrient, water and energy efficiency. 

Dr. Amir Rezazadeh

Fruit and Field Crops Multicounty Agent II. Working directly with Indian River and St. Lucie county commercial fruit crops producers as well as assisting Horticulture and Agriculture Agents. Dr. Rezazadeh's doctoral focus was on the influence of environmental factors and cultural practices on the physiology and development of greenhouse crops.


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Headshot of Dr. Amir Rezazadeh

Dr. Amir Rezazadeh Multicounty Fruit & Field Crops Agent II Indian River & St. Lucie Counties

Physical and Mailing Address 8400 Picos Road, Suite 101 Fort Pierce, Florida 34945

Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am –5:00pm

Phone (772) 462-1628

Fax  (772) 462-1510

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