Join the Let’s Walk FL Challenge!

Are you ready to look and feel your best this summer? Join the Let’s Walk FL challenge to keep you active and motivated!

Let's Walk FL is a 12 week healthy lifestyle challenge designed to promote physical wellness among Floridians where community members team up to start a lifelong walking habit.  Participants track their minutes of activity working toward a goal and report each week.  Prizes will be given for winning individuals and teams!

Registration Forms and Information:

LWF Flyer

LWF Registration Directions

LWF Program Overview

LWF Tracks - Weekly Goal Outlines

LWF Individual Registration Form

LWF Team Registration Form

LWF Participant Daily Log

LWF Team Captain's Log

Team Captain's Guide

LWF T-Shirt Design Options

Key Dates:

Registration Deadline: June 24th

Kick Off Event: June 27th   5:30pm - 6:30pm at the Jefferson County Recreation Park

Start Tracking Your Minutes for Let's Walk FL: June 30th

Last Day of Tracking Minutes for Let's Walk FL: September 21st

All Final Minutes Must be Reported: September 25th

Celebrate Success Event: October 10th

About Let's Walk FL

 Let's Walk FL is a 12 week healthy lifestyle challenge designed to promote physical wellness among Floridians where community members team up to start a lifelong walking habit.  Walking provides physical exercise, stress relief, fresh air, and also comradery.  Walking has many benefits, including reducing the risks of heart disease and some cancers, improving blood pressure, blood sugar levels and mood, to name a few. Even though the name is Let's Walk FL, any physical activity counts for the challenge.       

Participants may choose from 3 tracks according to their goals and exercise background.  The 3 tracks are health, fitness, or performance.  The only face to face meetings are the Kick Off Event and End of Program Celebration.  Prizes will be awarded to the top teams and individuals in each track at the end of the program!

Teams of 5 or Solo walkers are welcome! 

Attention Teams! Before you register, make sure to recruit 4 friends, family members (children and teens are welcome to participate), or coworkers to be on a team with you. Choose one team member to be a team captain and think about a team name.  Make sure you let all your team members know how to register.  

Participants track their minutes of activity (any moderate physical activity counts, not just walking!) each week and report it to the Extension Office.  Participants can track their minutes using a paper log or using a phone app.  For minutes to count, the physical activity needs to be at a moderate level and last at least 10 minutes. 

Activities might include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, exercise tapes, biking, gardening, dancing, playing a sport, strength training, or any moderate physical activity. A good way to tell if you are at a moderate level would be if you can talk, but not sing. 

Each week of the program will feature a new wellness tip or technique, such as what to eat pre- and post-workout, common exercise myths and choosing the right walking shoe.  Participants will receive the wellness tips in a weekly newsletter along with an update on who is in the lead in each track! Participants will also have access to a private Facebook group where they can share progress.

Registration Info

Registration Fee is $10/person.  Let’s Walk FL is a non profit event.  Fees go towards prizes for top teams and solo walkers.  The first 50 participants to register will receive water bottles and pedometers!

Registration forms are available to pick up from the office, available here for download, or we can mail or e-mail the forms to you by request.  You can send paperwork to the office and pay with cash or check. Or you can register and pay with a card online through Eventbrite at .

If you register through Eventbrite, you will receive an e-mail with a registration form to complete additional information and return the form to the Extension Office by e-mail to or in person at 2729 W Washington Hwy. Monticello, FL.  Participants can choose to purchase a t-shirt for $10. Size and color preferences will be recorded on the registration form you receive after initial Eventbrite registration.  


For any questions, please call Julianne Dinkel at 850-342-0187 or e-mail her at