Fresh Access Bucks: Farmers Markets and Snap Unite


What is Fresh Access Bucks?

Fresh Access Bucks encourages healthy behaviors by making fresh, local produce more affordable and accesible to SNAP recipients while supporting Florida's farmers and enhancing our local economies.  FAB increases the purchasing power of SNAP participants by providing a one-to-one match for Florida grown fruits and vegetables.  A SNAP cardholder who spends $10 of their benefits recieves an additional $10 to purchase more fresh, local produce.  

What are the Goals of Fresh Access Bucks?

The goals of Fresh Access Bucks are to incrase access to and affordability of fruits and vegetables in underserved communities and increase awareness of the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  This program strategically targets farmer's markets in and around food deserts, low-income communities, and along transportation routes. 

Benefits of Fresh Access Bucks:

  • Expands access to affordable, healthy foods
  • Increases consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Enhances local economies, markets and farms
  • Supports local farmers 

Project Opportunity

  • 90% of SNAP recipients reported increasing their consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • On average, 27% of total market sales at participating farm-to-retail vnues were from SNAP recipients
  • In response to incrased sales, farmers expanded acreage/production, diversified products and added additional hoop houses or greenhouses.

Fresh Access Bucks (FAB) is Florida's statewide nutrition incentive program designed to empower Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients to double their benefits at farmers markets, mobile markets and through Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs). 

There are several ways you can get more information of Fresh Access Bucks and participating Farmer's Markets. 


Contact your local Extension Office 

Attend a Farmer's Market located on this list. 

If you are, or know someone that sells produce at a local Farmers Market that isnt already participating and would like to apply, click here