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Swiss chard growing in aquaponic system

Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Information, training and support for the development of small scale aquaculture and aquaponic operations.

General aquaponics/aquaculture factsheets:

University links:

SRAC factsheets on the Texas A&M website:

FAO small-scale aquaponic handbook -


Economics and business planning:

Three economic analyses of aquaponics operations of different scales:

“Revitalization of urban land with aquaponics” webinar Business Plan User Guide



Here are several new videos from Iowa State University:


School systems:

Two new factsheets on repairing, upgrading, understanding, and maintaining older high school recirculating aquaculture systems are now available: 

 Understanding and maintaining Older Classroom Recirculating Aquaculture Systems:

Repairing and Upgrading Older Classroom Recirculating Aquaculture Systems:

Barrelponics – great introductory system


Harvesting and food safety:

Hawaii Aquaponics Harvest video:

Aquaponics food safety manuscript published. “Influence of UV Treatment on the Food Safety Status of a Model Aquaponic System:”  


Aquaponics training in Florida (does not imply endorsement):

Online course:

Green Acres:


Florida Aquaponic Farm:


Hydroponics training in Florida:


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Laura Tiu

Marine Science Agent

Okaloosa and Walton Counties