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4-H Youth Membership and Project Areas

4-H has three major project areas: S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Healthy Living and Citizenship/Leadership. Under these heading are hundreds of project topics for 4-H member involvement.  4-H works with University faculty to develop research-based educational curriculum that is both age-appropriate and useful for club or School Enrichment. Through 4-H participation members can earn recognition at the county, district, state and national levels and win scholarship awards for camps, leadership programs and even college study.

Contact the Orange County 4-H office to learn how to join, or contact a club leader directly for information about joining.

Club List

School Enrichment

   School-Based 4-H Clubs
   School Enrichment Programs for Classrooms

Awards and Recognition

   Project Areas
   Animal Science
   Project Reports
   Standards of Excellence (SOE)
   Youth Scholarships
   Club Awards

Youth Leadership

   Youth Leadership Opportunities
   Youth Leadership Constitution and Handbooks


  2020 Healthy Kids Virtual Camp
  2020 STEM Virtual Camp
  2020 Camp For A Day
  2020 Sustainability Summer Camp
  2020 Central Florida Fair Guidebook 
  2020 County Events Guidebook
  Day Camp Photo Gallery   

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Select the item of interest for more information

4-H Awards & Recognition Guide
Cloverbud Project Guide

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Animal Science

4H/FFA Club Project insurance
Horse Lease Form

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Project Reports

Cloverbud Project Report
Junior Project Report
Intermediate Project Report
Senior Project Report
Horse Project Report & Project Book
Archery Novice Project Book
Archery Intermediate Project Book
JR FLL Robotics Project Report & Project Book
FLL Robotics Project Report & Project Book
FTC Robotics Project Report & Project Book
FRC Robotics Project Report & Project Book

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Standards of Excellence (SOE)

SOE Youth Awards Standards
What Counts for Standards of Excellence?

1 - Cloverbud Level (Ages 5-7):  Cloverbud Award Application
2 - Junior Level (Ages 8-10):  Junior Award Application
3 - Intermediate Level (Ages 11-13):   Intermediate Award Application
4 - Senior Level (Ages 14-18):  Senior Award Application
5 - Club Level:  Club Standards
6 - Volunteer Level: Volunteer Standards & SOE Application

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Youth Scholarships

Terry Floyd - A Tribute to a Leader 
Terry Floyd Scholarship Donation 
Terry Floyd Scholarship Application
Florida 4-H Scholarship Opportunities
Orange County 4-H Scholarship Application
District VIII 4-H/T.G. Lee Scholarship

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Club Awards

New Club Start Up & Innovation Grants

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Other Youth Awards

Nellie Ruth Brown 4-H Member of the Year
Henry Swanson Citizenship Award

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Portfolio Fact Sheet
Florida 4-H Portfolio Presentation
Florida 4-H Building My Portfolio
Florida 4-H Award Portfolio
Marketing You! - Guidelines
What are My Skills?

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Youth Leadership Opportunities

Understanding 4-H Councils

What is County Council?

What is District Council?

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Youth Leadership Constitution and Handbooks

4-H Youth Council Constitution and Bylaws

Officers Handbook
Secretary's Handbook
Florida 4-H Treasurer's Manual

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Melinda Souers headshot

Melinda Souers
Extension Faculty
4-H Youth Development
E-mail: Melinda Souers

Erin Reichel
Extension Faculty
4-H Youth Development
E-mail: Erin Reichel

Giselle Velazquez  
Administrative Assistant
4-H Youth Development
E-mail : Orange County 4-H