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Central Florida Food Systems

The value and importance of local and regional food systems has risen in recent years due to an increase in urbanization and a decline in farm sustainability creating gaps in food access and economic instabilities. At the same time, consumers have become more knowledgeable and health conscious, which has increased demand for more locally sourced foods. From farmers' markets to school lunches to our own tables, how can we produce enough food that is accessible and affordable for the end consumer while still sustaining producers/suppliers? Through our own research as well as studying methods and techniques used around the globe, UF/IFAS Extension is working to break barriers and provide solutions to help build a food system that can lead to success for growers and consumers alike. The need for locally grown food is real and rising.  Whether you are a grower looking to transition to food crops or new to the production horticulture industry, we are here to educate and provide the resources to help you GROW! Please contact me at for more information.

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Liz Felter, extension agent

Liz Felter Regional Specialist Central Florida Food Systems & Ornamental Horticulture

Chris Weber
Administrative Assistant
Small Farms/Urban Farms
E-mail : Chris Weber

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