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Food Safety and Canning


Food safety affects everyone, whether at home, eating out or in a job setting. It is especially important when canning or preserving food. To prevent foodborne illness, it is important to have researched-based information. Ccheck the Events tab for more information about upcoming classes.

Food Manager Certification

Florida requires all food service establishments to have a certified food manager. For four or more employees, the Food Manager must be present during all open hours (even if no customers are present). The NRA's ServSafe Course is nationally recognized and good for 5 years. Check the Events tab for upcoming classes.

General Food Safety

Food safety is important at home or at work. Learn to keep you and your family safe. Our SafeStaff program can be customized to your needs with a minimum of five participants at $22/person. Call to schedule or for more information, 386-362-2771.

Canning and Food Preservation

Do you know when to use a pressure canner vs. a water bath canner? If not, a mistake could be deadly. Learn about proper procedures, equipment and techniques, and how to troubleshoot. Consider using the National Center for Home Food Preservation, the Ball Blue Book, or the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning. Check out the Events tab for information about upcoming classes.