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Finance and Housing Programs

  • First Time Home Buyer Program

    Are you ready to purchase a home? If so, consider participating in the First Time Home-buyers Program! 

    The Volusia County UF/IFAS Extension office provides Pre-Purchase Home-buyers Workshops. This class meets the education requirement for those individuals  participating in a First Time Home-buyers Education program.  The UF/IFAS Extension office in Volusia County is a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency. When you have attended all required workshops, you will be given the certificate needed to apply for federal down payment and closing cost assistance through local and state government programs. 

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    For Questions contact Lisa Hamilton (386) 822-5778.

  • Take Control of Your Money

    Money is a complex business.

    What are your money goals? Save for a down payment on a house? Get out of debt? Stop living paycheck to paycheck?

    From building credit and buying a home to investing and retiring, there is an abundance of topics you should become familiar with when working toward fiscal well-being.

    Volusia County UF/IFAS Extension offers articles, videos and other resources to help you take control of your personal finances. Discover how to budget, plan your estate, navigate taxes and more through the Take Control of Your Money Classes.

    To register for an upcoming class visit

    or for questions call Lisa Hamilton (386) 822-5778

  • Building a Spending Plan

    Everybody needs to learn how to manage money. Good money management includes being able to pay your monthly bills, save for the future, and buy the things you need and want without creating unmanageable debt. A spending plan can be a helpful money management tool. You can master the skills of money control and learn to conserve your income by using knowledgeable spending. Planning can help you extend your buying power. Good spending habits foster financial security and develop wise use of credit.

    By following this 6-step exercise, you can build a spending plan based on your finances. You can decide if you want to reduce debt, save to buy items for your home, or better control spending so you can pay bills on time. You decide what you want to achieve with your money, and your spending plan will help show you how you can do it.

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  • Coping with a Money Crunch

    It's easy to say that financial problems, such as losing your job, should be shared with your family. But it's hard to know just how to do that. One method of bringing the family together with a feeling of team spirit is a family council meeting. This is a simple strategy for bringing a harmonious pattern into the family routine.

    Click here to learn more about coping with a money crunch!

  • Estate Planning

    Estate planning is a topic avoided by many people because it deals with attitudes and feelings about death, property ownership, business arrangements, marriage, and family relationships that family members may not be ready to discuss. It may also be avoided because family members disagree on how assets are to be handled. Although planning for the end of life may be uncomfortable, think of it as a gift to your family. By getting your affairs in order, you will save them a great deal of anxiety, time, and money even if you can't spare them their grief.

    Learn more in our Estate planning series here!

  • Investing with Mutual Funds

    Mutual funds are open-end investment companies that use a pool of many investors' money to buy shares of different investments.

    Click here to learn about investing with Mutual Funds!

  • Retirement Planning

    A common question when planning for retirement is "How much money will I need during that stage of life?" The answer varies by individual and that person's objectives. Several factors play an important role in answering this question.

    Learn more about retirement planning here!

  • Taxes
  • Consumer Rights
  • Home Building, Renovation, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Housing Options
  • Improving Savings, Health, and Happiness

    This series of EDIS publications introduces readers to the concept of overall community performance and suggests minor modifications to neighborhoods, public schools, and public services that could help citizens improve their communities. These publications are for a general audience and provides a list of changes to public schools that, if enacted, may help improve a community's performance.

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