the 4-H Pledge

4-H Clubs in Washington County

2019-2020 4-H Membership PacketGuide

4Teen 4-H Club – a club for teens focused on community service and leadership development.  Members serve as 4-H County Council.
Ages 13-18 only.
Dues:  $10
Club Leader:  Julie Pigott Dillard

Baking Buddies 4-H Club - Learn baking & cooking techniques to create homemade tasty treats.
Ages 8-10
Dues:  $20
Club Leader:  Melissa Brock 

Blazing Hooves 4-H Club – anything & everything to do with horses!
Must be 8 years old as of Sep 1.
Dues: $8 dues + $20 FL4-H Membership Fee
Club Leaders:  Jessica Wells & Nina Davis

LEGO & Create 4-H Club – for youth interested in creating, exploring &building with LEGO. Max enrollment= 20
Ages 5-10 only.
Dues:  $5 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader: Renae Rountree 

Fire Ants 4-H Club – A group for home-school students in Washington County &surrounding area.
Ages 5-18.
Dues:  $8 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader:  Lori Brooks

Plant Investigators 4-H Club – we’re going native with native edibles and plants.  Join us learn more about Florida plants and landscaping.
Age 11-18.
Dues:  $5 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader:  Matt Orwat

Livestock 4-H Club – for youth interested in raising livestock projects:  beef, swine, rabbit & poultry.
Large animal projects – must be 8 years old by Sep. 1.
Small Animal Projects – must be 5 years old by Sep 1.
Dues:  $10 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leaders:  Diane Webb & Lorie Serpas 

Sure Shots 4-H Club  – Skeet and Trap – learn the sport and skill of skeet and trap shooting.  Max enrollment = 24:  12 Senior and 12 Intermediate youth.
Must be 11 years old as of Sep. 1.
Dues: $100 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader:  Nick Dillard

Top Nocks 4-H Club  – Archery – learn the sport & skill of archery.  Max enrollment = 20.
Must be 8 years old as of Sep. 1.
Dues: $60 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader:  Olen Pettis

*4-H membership fee - if you are a member of more than one club, you only pay the 4-H membership fee once per year. 

*Club dues - are due to each club in that you are a member

4-H Project Record Books – Each year, 4-H members keep track of their activities in their 4-H project.  Project Record Books are turned in for judging and awards and are due May 31st each 4-H year.  If you don’t have a specific project book listed below, use the correct book for your age group.

4-H Age Divisions determined on September 1st of the current 4-H year
Cloverbud – 5-7 years old
Junior – 8-10 years old
Intermediate – 11-13 years old
Senior – 14-18 years old

The UF/IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn-by-doing approach to help youth gain the knowledge and skills they need to be responsible, productive citizens.

Washington County 4-H Membership Policy:

Washington County 4-H membership is open to all youth, ages 5-18 years old as of September 1 of the current 4-H year, who reside in Washington County, Florida. 

  • Youth residing in the counties adjacent to Washington County (Bay, Holmes &Jackson counties) may join Washington County 4-H if, and only if, they meet the following exception:
    • Youth resides in Bay, Holmes or Jackson County but is enrolled as a Washington County School District student, attends a private school in Washington County, or is home-schooled.
    • Out-of-county youth will be considered for membership on a case by case basis.
    • It is not a given that out-of-county youth will be accepted for membership.
    • For 4-H Clubs with a maximum enrollment, preference will be given to youth residing in Washington County.  If space allows, out-of-county youth will be considered for membership.  
  • Dual-county participation is not allowed in Washington County 4-H.
  • Dual-state participation is not allowed in Florida 4-H.
  • Youth who are members of more than one club pay the state membership fee once and club dues for each club they are in.

If a club is listed as full, don’t worry…another club can be started.
Contact to learn how you can volunteer in a big way or a small way!