the 4-H Pledge

4-H Clubs in Washington County

4Teen 4-H Club – a club for teens focused on community service and leadership development.  Members serve as 4-H County Council.
Ages 13-18 only.
Dues:  $10
Club Leader:  Julie Pigott Dillard

Blazing Hooves 4-H Club – anything and everything to do with horses!
Must be 8 years old as of Sep 1.
Dues: $10 dues + $20 FL4-H Membership Fee
Club Leaders:  Jessica Wells & Nina Davis

Brick Bratz 4-H Club – for youth interested in creating, exploring and building with LEGO.  Maximum enrollment = 20
Ages 5-10 only.
Dues:  $5 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader: Renae Rountree 

Fire Ants 4-H Club – A group for home-school students in Washington County and surrounding area.
Ages 5-18.
Dues:  $5 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader:  Lori Brooks

Junior Gardeners 4-H Club – we’re going native with native edibles and plants.  Join us learn more about Florida plants and landscaping.
Age 11-18.
Dues:  $5 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader:  Matt Orwat

Livestock 4-H Club – for youth interested in raising livestock projects:  beef, swine, rabbit & poultry.
Large animal projects – must be 8 years old by Sep. 1.
Small Animal Projects – must be 5 years old by Sep 1.
Dues:  $10 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leaders:  Diane Webb & Lorie Serpas

Washington County 4-H Shooting Sports Program 

Sure Shots 4-H Club  – Skeet and Trap – for youth interested in learning the sport and skill of skeet and trap shooting.  Youth must provide their own eye and ear protection.  Maximum enrollment = 24:  12 Senior and 12 Intermediate youth.
Must be 11 years old as of Sep. 1.
Dues: $100 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader:  Nick Dillard

Top Knocks 4-H Club  – Archery – for youth interested in learning the sport and skill of archery.  Youth must provide their own archery glove, arm guard and hip quiver.  Genesis Youth Bows are available for check out.  Maximum enrollment = 20.
Must be 8 years old as of Sep. 1.
Dues: $60 dues + $20 FL 4-H Membership Fee
Club Leader:  Olen Pettis

*4-H membership fee - if you are a member of more than one club, you only pay the 4-H membership fee once per year. 

*Club dues - are due to each club in that you are a member

4-H Project Record Books – Each year, 4-H members keep track of their activities in their 4-H project.  Project Record Books are turned in for judging and awards and are due May 31st each 4-H year.  If you don’t have a specific project book listed below, use the correct book for your age group.

4-H Age Divisions determined on September 1st of the current 4-H year
Cloverbud – 5-7 years old
Junior – 8-10 years old
Intermediate – 11-13 years old
Senior – 14-18 years old

The UF/IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn-by-doing approach to help youth gain the knowledge and skills they need to be responsible, productive citizens.

Each 4-H year, members experience or continue their work and learning in a 4-H project.  Resources, project guides and curricula are linked below:

Washington County 4-H Membership Policy:

Washington County 4-H membership is open to all youth, ages 5-18 years old as of September 1 of the current 4-H year, who reside in Washington County, Florida. 

  • Youth residing in the counties adjacent to Washington County (Bay, Holmes and Jackson counties) may join Washington County 4-H if, and only if, they meet the following exception:
    • Youth resides in Bay, Holmes or Jackson County but is enrolled as a Washington County School District student, attends a private school in Washington County or is home-schooled.
    • Out-of-county youth will be considered for membership on a case by case basis.
    • It is not a given that out-of-county youth will be accepted for membership.
  • Dual-county participation is not allowed in Washington County 4-H.
  • Dual-state participation is not allowed in Florida 4-H.
  • Youth who are members of more than one club pay the state membership fee once and club dues for each club they are in.

If a club is listed as full, don’t worry…another club can be started.
Contact to learn how you can volunteer in a big way or a small way!