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Solutions in Action are examples of how UF/IFAS Extension touches the lives of Floridians. Throughout the peninsula, we reach people just like you.

UF/IFAS Extension has a local office in every county in the state. Offices and counties are grouped regionally into five districts, and county faculty within these districts work together to meet the needs of their local communities through educational programs, field day demonstrations, and one-on-one interaction with local residents.

GardeningBettering Agricultural and Horticultural Enterprises

From teaching about agricultural business planning to implementing good agricultural practices, UF/IFAS Extension plays an important role in helping Florida's producers and growers. For example, UF/IFAS Extension created a hybrid, perennial bermudagrass, which greatly improved many North Florida dairy farmers' businesses.

4-H CampersEnhancing and Protecting Water

As we know, water is essential to life. However, with growing populations water is expected to become more of a scarce commodity. That's one of the reasons why UF/IFAS Extension is here. By teaching Floridians ways to use less water and improving their knowledge about water allocation and quality, positive impacts can be made.

Spring festival signEnhancing and Conserving Florida's Natural Resources

Whether it's improving communities' decision-making process through scientific research or teaching citizens the importance of environmental stewardship, UF/IFAS Extension is dedicated to protecting Florida's natural resources.

Farm TourCreating and Conserving Energy

From introducing alternative energy options to business owners to demonstrating ways Florida residents can save energy in their daily lives, UF/IFAS Extension strives to produce and conserve traditional and alternative forms of energy.

BoatEmpowering Families

Whether it's enabling more Floridians access to affordable housing, bettering the quality of life for the elderly, or improving and educating families about food safety, UF/IFAS Extension provides families with solutions today for a better tomorrow.

Statewide programsStrengthening Urban and Rural Communities

By engaging community members in strategic planning, fostering leadership development among citizens, and planning local interaction, UF/IFAS Extension aids in strengthening urban and rural communities. From revitalizing a small downtown in northern Florida to "fundamentally changing a community for the better" through the aquaculture industry, UF/IFAS Extension seeks to improve Florida's communities.

Statewide programsPreparing Youth for the Future

UF/IFAS Extension's community-based 4-H Youth Development program is a perfect example how we enable youth to develop important life skills and make them productive workforce members. By teaching youth a variety of skills—from saving water to eating healthy foods—UF/IFAS Extension can pave the way for a brighter future.

Past Success Stories