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Our economy, culture, and quality of life are closely tied to the environment. Sustainable practices enable us to meet our current needs without compromising the next generation's ability to satisfy their own needs. We can preserve our natural heritage and conserve natural resources for the future by living sustainably.

To find out what Extension services are available in your area or to get personal assistance, please contact your county Extension office.

Make Your Own Rain Barrel

[Tweet "Want a more sustainable way to water your landscape? Try making a rain barrel! #FloridaFriendlyLandscaping"]A rain barrel is a container that collects the rain water that would normally flow off your roof and into a storm drain. You can use this collected water to irrigate your home landscape.1 Rain barrels help conserve municipal or well water, thus reducing your water bill. They  More»

Watermelon Is in Season!

[Tweet "As the weather warms, cool down with some in-season watermelon."]It’s not summertime yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start enjoying Florida-grown watermelon now. Watermelon is in season in Florida between April and July.1 Look for it now at your local grocery store or farmers market. Fun Watermelon Facts Florida is the biggest producer of watermelons in the US.2 Though watermelons are grown all over  More»

Grow Your Own Microgreens

Microgreens are young, tender plants that can make a healthy, fun addition to a salad or sandwich—and you can grow them yourself! Find out how you in this UF/IFAS solutions for your life video: UF/IFAS Photo by Robert Annis  More»

Green Cleaning Products

The "Do It Yourself" Approach Have you ever wondered whether what you use to clean your floor or your kitchen sink is environmentally friendly? If you’re concerned about the impact of your spring cleaning on the planet, you may want to consider a DIY approach. Homemade cleaners are made of products that you probably already have around the house, such as white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach. When properly prepared, DIY cleaners have  More»

Reclaiming Phosphate Mining Areas

Phosphate is a key component of fertilizer, making it an important part of agriculture and food production. In 2010, Florida produced 65% of all the phosphate produced in the United States.1 Phosphate minerals are mined from the soil, and regulations require that mined areas be reclaimed after mining is completed. Reclamation is when mined land is converted into land that can be used for farming, recreation, development, etc.2 Reclamation  More»

Efficient Home Irrigation

It’s raining, as it often does in Florida, and all of a sudden you realize that your sprinklers are on. You think, what a waste!, perhaps vowing to keep better tabs on the weather forecast. However, efficient home irrigation may be even more important than you think. Nearly half of all public drinking water in Florida typically goes to outdoor water use around the home. This means that minimizing the amount of water  More»

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