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Did you know?

  • Adult manatees can weigh up to 3,000 pounds (the average adult manatee weighs around 1,000 pounds).
  • Manatee teeth are continually replaced.
  • Manatees spend 6-8 hours a day feeding!
  • Manatees communicate using clicks and squeals.
  • Florida manatees can live in freshwater, brackish and saltwater environments. They prefer to swim in waters that are less than 20 feet deep.
  • It is illegal to pet, feed or give water to manatees, as this teaches manatees to approach docks and boats, where they are at risk of being hit by boats.
  • The largest single cause of manatee mortality is collisions with watercraft.
  • During winter months, you can view manatees via live webcams at Blue Spring State Park. Archived videos are also available.

Manatee Activities (K-5th grade)

Suggested activities are listed by grade level: 

Kindergarten-1st grade (1.41 MB pdf)

2nd-3rd Grade (1.10 MB pdf)

4th-5th grade (2.02 MB pdf)

Save the Manatee Club coloring book (Grades 2-3; 382 KB pdf)

Save the Manatee Club teacher's guide (1.84 MB pdf)

FWC manatee activity book (Grades 3-5; 1.76 MB pdf)

3rd Grade Manatee Curriculum

An 18-lesson manatee curriculum correlated to Florida's Sunshine State Standards (language arts, math, social studies and science) is now available. This curriculum was created by Maia McGuire and Ruth Francis-Floyd. View more information and download the curriculum here.  

Manatees at Blue Spring State Park

Manatee Resources