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UF/IFAS Spotlight: Yu Wang, passionate promoter of flavor research
Yu Wang was born in China as an only child in a family with protective parents, but Yu knew she wanted to see the world. She studied food engineering during her undergraduate years in Hefei, China, and wanted to change direction to study food chemistry


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UF/IFAS to explore how to support urban farming across Florida
As Florida rapidly becomes more metropolitan and urban agriculture expands, a UF/IFAS grant funds research to address the challenges and opportunities urban farmers face. The research will characterize existing urban agriculture operations across the state and identify the areas with the most activity


UF/IFAS Hurricane Resources for the Media
Below is a list of UF/IFAS resources available to the media in covering hurricanes. More information can be found at disaster


UF relationship workshops now available online
The coronavirus crisis has put a strain on many relationships. Couples are stressed — from being cooped up at home, juggling work and childcare, and economic hardships, not to mention the general sense of uncertainty now pervading much of daily life


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Vertical farms could produce hundreds of times more wheat, study finds
What would happen if we grew wheat not on acres of land but in multistory structures that look like office buildings? The answer: yields as much as 600 times greater than those of traditional farming methods, according to a study just published by researchers at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Growing food in stacked layers is called vertical farming


Please Scallop Safely
The 2020 recreational scalloping season is in full swing! Here are some tips and tricks to participate safely. Make a safety plan! Before you leave the dock, make sure someone on land knows where you are going