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When Hurricanes Approach, UF Gets to Work
GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Last week, before Dorian even reached hurricane status, the University of Florida’s faculty network throughout the state began setting long-planned storm preparation and recovery steps into action


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Under the Citrus Tree: Special Hurricane Dorian Edition
Special Hurricane Dorian Edition Greetings from the Extension Office! As Hurricane Dorian is stalled over the Bahamas, I wanted to send you some things that may help you before and after the storm. Please save this email for easy reference should you need it


A Message from Dr. Nick Place on Hurricane Dorian
Dear IFAS and Extension Family, The National Hurricane Center has reported that Hurricane Dorian is projected to impact Florida as a major hurricane. As we monitor the progression of Hurricane Dorian, I ask all of us to remain vigilant and monitor the forecast


Hurricane Recovery: Cleaning Your Home after a Hurricane
Did your home have water damage from the hurricane? If you don’t clean up properly, you could be at risk for mold and other health hazards. Until cleanup is complete, keep children, immune-compromised individuals and pets away from water-damaged areas


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Hurricane Recovery: After a Hurricane, Is the Food in Your Home Safe to Eat?
After a hurricane, is the food in your home safe to eat? If you lost power, be careful: the food in your fridge or pantry could make you and your family sick. If refrigerated or frozen foods stay at higher temperatures for even a few hours, they can be unsafe to consume, even if they’re cooked afterwards


Hurricane Prep for Livestock Producers
Hurricane Dorian is really putting a damper on everyone’s Labor Day Weekend plans! It looks like it will hit harder than anticipated.  Please be sure that you are preparing your operations…better safe than sorry (as we learned in 2017 with Irma)