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Voices of UF/IFAS: Pamela Bradford
Name: Pamela Bradford Position: Extension Agent II – Hillsborough EFNEP Supervisor Current city: Tampa Hometown: Memphis, TN Years at UF/IFAS: 12.5 Describe your role at UF/IFAS: I manage the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) which is a USDA/NIFA funded program to provide basic nutrition education to


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Voices of UF/IFAS – Dr. Joseph Larkin
Name: Joseph Larkin III, PhD Position: Associate Professor, Microbiology and Cell Science Current city: Gainesville Florida Hometown: Savannah GA Years at UF/IFAS: Well…I attended the University of Florida on a National merit scholarship from 1992-1996 where I earned a BS in Microbiology and Cell Science, obtained my Ph.D


Stand Up & Holler for Extension on Gator Nation Giving Day
Thursday, February 18 is Gator Nation Giving Day, when University of Florida alumni, students, faculty, staff, families and friends worldwide all get a chance to Stand Up & Holler. We might have to use our inside voices when hollering this year, as Gator Nation Giving Day will be a virtual event


How to make Valentine’s Day special, according to a UF relationship expert
Don’t assume you know what your partner wants to do. Talk with your partner about how they want to spend Valentine’s Day


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Pandemic eating among the food-secure: more comfort foods, but not a drastic increase
During the first three months of the pandemic, food-secure people did not change their eating habits very much, although some of them turned a bit more to comfort foods, new University of Florida research shows. The study also serves as a cautionary tale for how people might want to eat in future pandemics


After the holiday meal, it’s time to make some yummy, nutritious leftovers
You’ve finished your holiday meal, including perhaps, seconds. The aroma of traditional foods still wafts from the kitchen