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Feeling cooped up in quarantine? UF releases new guide to raising backyard chickens
In the early days of the pandemic, as bare grocery store shelves prompted concerns about the food supply, many became interested in producing more of their food at home. Some flocked to local agricultural feed stores in search of baby chicks that would grow up to produce eggs fresh from the backyard


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COVID-19 Resources for Seafood Producers and Small Businesses
Originally published March 31 2020. Last updated July 2 2020


A social distancing approved activity
From classics like "The Land Remembered" to kid-friendly books like "Can you Count the Critters?" the UF/IFAS summer reading list has something for every family member. Each of these reads can be found both online and in-person at the UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore


UF/IFAS Spotlights: Elaine Turner, Innovative CALS Dean
Elaine Turner has only overseen the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences since 2014, but she’s already seen monumental strides. In that time CALS has achieved the highest enrollment the college has seen – more than 6,000 total students


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Mental health during hurricane season
You have seen the memes that joke about how hurricanes don’t phase Floridians, but in reality, these storms can bring a lot of stress and uncertainty. Heidi Radunovich, a UF/IFAS psychologist, shares tips and tools to keep in your mental health tool kit


Being social at a time of distancing
By Dr. Jack Payne When we at UF/IFAS launched into the social media age a number of years ago, I envisioned sharing information through online platforms as a supplement, a Plan B