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Florida’s agriculture, marine industries report effects of COVID-19 restrictions
GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- University of Florida economists now have a baseline understanding of ways the pandemic has affected the agriculture, aquaculture and marine sectors of Florida’s economy


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Hurricane Season June First thru November 30th
Preparation Hurricane season will be upon us June first.  As if we didn't already have enough to keep our pantry challenged, add to it the task of stocking up for storm season


Using Zoom in our New Digital World
Most Extension Professionals across the nation have been using Zoom for years now. But even we had to learn new things during this pandemic


Get your trees ready for storm season!
Now is the time to prepare. Trees are one of a homeowner's most important assets


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COVID-19 Resources for Seafood Producers and Small Businesses
Originally published March 31 2020. Last updated May 14 2020


Can’t sew a face mask? A local 4-H member might have you covered
As part of the 4-H pledge, members commit their hands to larger service. In the time of COVID-19, that looks like hands busy sewing face masks and other supplies for communities across Florida