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Paying for the Holidays
The holidays have passed, and we are back to our normal routines, but some of us are still paying for the holidays. As the bills start to roll in, add up how much you spent


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Rufous hummingbird seen at Twin Lakes Park!
I knew our Extension office was a popular place, but this week has brought a whole new level of visitation to our beautiful grounds! The area surrounding our office has been all "a twitter" (excuse the poor pun) with people bedecked with binoculars and cameras. Birders of all sorts have descended upon Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota in search of the Rufous


A purpose-driven 2022
We’re kicking off 2022 by looking ahead with an updated UF/IFAS Strategic Plan. We’ve taken a less-is-more approach, focusing this two-page document on what unites us, regardless of job title, duties, discipline or target audience


Co-Parenting vs Parallel Parenting
According to a recent Pew Research study conducted on U.S


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Cool Temperature Turf Grass Management
It may seem laughable to most Americans that Florida does experience a "real winter".  However, there are many who are very aware that the temperatures have dropped and that their plants are reacting to this change


Fall Food Drives: Improving Health and Feeding Families
The availability of a person’s next meal or just food, in general, can vary due to access, availability, and income. This may occur for a short period or longer which can result in a lack of the nutrition bodies need to prevent health consequences