Fences: Let’em Grow

Find out more about fencerows, one of the most important wildlife habitat features in agricultural lands. More...  More»

Managing Invasives: Lionfish

Learn about two species of invasive lionfish, which has rapidly invaded marine waters throughout the Caribbean. More...  More»

Hurricane Preparedness & Recovery for Families

With Hurricane Preparedness Week underway, now is the prefect time to become prepared and create a plan in the event of a hurricane. While many families grasp the monstrous effects a hurricane causes, they may be ill-prepared. Review the following safety tips and guidelines for taking care of your household before, during, and after a storm. Create a Disaster Plan A plan will ensure that in case of a disaster, you and your family are prepared  More»

Working With Your HOA for a Florida-Friendly Yard

Use these 10 strategies to work with your homeowner association to make your yard Florida-Friendly. More...  More»

Green Marine Practices

Florida’s aquatic environments—its beaches, rivers, springs, reefs—are important parts of the state’s natural resources. Both residents and tourists value these places for recreation and enjoyment. Our marine resources also contribute to the Florida economy through fisheries, tourism, and more. Most people know how to protect land and water resources when they are on land, but here are some tips for interacting with the marine  More»

Boating Safety Tips

Summer is soon approaching. The sun's rays are beaming more each day, and the ocean is calling many Floridian's names. Now, is the perfect time to go boating. Whether you're fishing offshore or leisurely island hopping, it's important to follow these boating safety tips when cruising on the water. While the main cause of boating accidents and fatalities in Florida is falling overboard and drowning, many of these incidents can be  More»