Worker Safety Training

Safety training videos can be a useful way to ensure that workers receive vital information as part of a complete training program. However, learning and understanding requires more than just watching a video. The goal of safety training is to make sure that workers develop hazard awareness, knowledge of correct practices, and proper attitudes about safety. Managers should use training sessions to create a safety culture in the  More»

October Wildlife Happenings

October is when the fall season really sets in. Besides cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours, this month will bring about new animals and wildlife activity. Find out how Florida's wildlife spend their fall in October wildlife happenings. More...  More»

Talking About Bullying

Sadly, many children—and even adults—have been bullied, and the harsh impact of bullying can last a lifetime. What is Bullying? Most people think of bullying as teasing, threatening, taunting or hitting by one or more students against a victim. However, bullying also includes indirect actions, such as rumor-spreading or intentional exclusion, which label and isolate the victim from his or her peers. Indirect bullying (also called  More»

Planting in October

October marks the true beginnings of fall-like weather, so it’s time to start planting for the cooler months ahead. Use these gardening suggestions based on the Florida climate zones to see what you can plant this month. Find out which region you live in by viewing the gardening region map. Here are suggestions for planting bedding plants, bulbs,  More»

Fall Sustainability

With fall’s arrival, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to be more eco-friendly in your home and in your daily routine. Here are some tips for achieving fall sustainability. How to be sustainable this fall Walk or ride a bike to school, to work, or to run errands, instead of driving a car. Turn off the air conditioner, and open the windows to let the cool breeze into your home. Add raked-up fallen leaves and  More»

Food and Fitness: Myths and Truths

Two topics that rarely become old news are food and fitness. They are especially important to know when you consider your level of physical activity. In fact, nutritional needs differ depending on how active you are. Eating for Fitness Individuals of all activity levels need energy (calories), water, vitamins and minerals to function properly everyday. Those who are more active will need to consume more calories, water, carbohydrates and  More»