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Native Pollinator Workshop
When people think about pollination, the honey bee immediately comes to mind. But honey bees are not native to the Americas


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EVENTS: Pesticide Exam Prep Classes
We Can Help with Your Pesticide Exam Prep Efforts? Exam prep classes for the Aquatic, Right of Way, and Ornamental & Turf Exams will be offered at the Manatee County Extension office in November of 2017. See details and registration below


Herbs and Spices: Colorful and Delicious!
Herbs and spices have been used for hundreds of years in cooking and medicinal purposes.  They add a wide range of flavors to food and may also provide health benefits


Individual Retirement Account: Know The Facts
IRA's: What You Should Know What is an Individual Retirement Account? An individual retirement account (IRA) is a type of savings account that is designed to help you save for retirement and offers many advantages.  There are two types of IRA accounts, traditional and ROTH


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The Conscientious Gardener
Most gardeners have a deep seeded (no pun intended) desire to have an attractive landscape so managing pests without harming our beneficial insects can be a challenge. Every conscientious gardener should be aware of which insects are beneficial and do our best to protect them


Grazing Management — Increasing Forage Production
Grazing Styles Continuous grazing is when livestock have access to the entire forage system at all times. Continuous is by far the easiest system to manage and requires less initial inputs but could have costly impacts