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learning opportunities

Learning Opportunities


UF/IFAS Extension learning opportunities help Florida residents understand the scientific side of agriculture and natural resources, and improve their homes, finances and family relationships. For producers and industry professionals, UF/IFAS Extension offers training focused on licensing exams and continuing education requirements. Other programs certify volunteers for Florida Master Gardeners and similar groups. We offer a range of formats including in-person classes and courses, virtual training modules for those seeking the convenience of online CEUs, and one of the world’s largest digital Extension document libraries.

Online learning opportunities


Online offerings from UF/IFAS Extension include materials to help pesticide applicators, child care workers and food-service workers obtain professional licensing or earn online CEUs. Homeowners can learn about sustainable lawn care with the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program or peruse any of 7,000 informative documents in the EDIS system.

statewide learning opportunities


Among the statewide UF/IFAS Extension programs are a trio of well-known groups, the Florida Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists and Master Beekeepers, which train laypeople to become certified volunteers. Landowners learn to maintain wooded properties with the Forest Stewardship Program, and Florida School IPM helps school administrators utilize money-saving integrated pest management.

local learning opportunities


UF/IFAS Extension holds in-person events in all 67 Florida counties. Laypeople can learn to cook healthy meals, balance their checkbooks or even teach children to fish at our classes and recreational events, while producers can learn about the latest scientific findings and practical tips at our field days and short courses. Contact your local UF/IFAS Extension office to get involved in upcoming events.