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Hurricane Preparedness: Key Foods to Keep in Stock

With hurricane season well under way, it’s important to remember to plan...

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Two Eggs a Day for a Healthier Generation

The Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems launched a new project in Rwanda to...

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Coming Soon: Healthy For Life

We are excited to announce a new partnership and program opportunity coming to...

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Day-to-day life can bring complicated challenges involving relationships, work, health and nutrition, family finances, and more. Whether you’re hoping to improve your money management skills, optimize time spent with loved ones or lose weight sensibly, UF/IFAS Extension provides expert science-based guidance with publications, videos and in-person learning experiences. Classes are held at UF/IFAS Extension county offices statewide, and many resources are available online to help you take the first steps toward your goals.


Physical activity, a balanced diet and proper health care are fundamental to your well-being, as are strategies for handling stress, loss and other threats to your peace of mind. Invest in a brighter future with UF/IFAS Extension resources on food safety, disease prevention, exercise, parenting and other wellness topics.


With their effects on your mental, emotional and even physical well-being, understanding and taking control of your personal finances are essential to a healthy lifestyle overall. Delve into budgeting, building credit, investing, purchasing a home and more with resources from UF/IFAS Extension experts.


In a busy world, family members can provide crucial support and help improve your quality of life. Resources from UF/IFAS Extension can enhance your family relationships with advice on everything from infant care and child discipline to blended families and end-of-life issues.


UF/IFAS Extension believes that good stewardship of Florida’s natural resources starts at home. Our learning materials can help residents minimize household expenses with strategies for improving energy efficiency and maintaining your home, as well as plan for when disaster strikes.


Food powers our everyday, so it makes sense to eat meals that are good for you, safe, and delicious! UF/IFAS Extension offers a wealth of resources – including diets and recipes – on buying and preparing foods for all ages and a variety of health conditions and needs.


Buying and maintaining a home are usually taxing, complex affairs requiring careful financial and health considerations, among many others. Navigate the excitement of homeownership with expert UF/IFAS Extension resources to help you create the best home for you and your family.