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California Dreaming: Cheers to Dr. Kraus!

Just last week you all read a blog from Dr. Emily Kraus. Our next isn't due...

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Agriculture’s impact on Florida is huge. In fact, a just-released UF/IFAS study showed that Florida’s combined agriculture, natural resources and food industries added $132 billion to the state’s economy in 2015 alone. To support this economic sector, UF/IFAS Extension offers education to producers across the state, ensuring that the crop varieties they grow and the management methods they use are all backed by the best science available. Whether it’s citrus or soil, livestock or lettuce, find resources from UF/IFAS experts on topics that span the entirety of agriculture.


Florida agriculture involves a variety of agronomic crops, ranging from peanuts, sugarcane and small grains to cattle forages and cotton. The UF/IFAS Extension program addresses production of all these crops and offers a wealth of information on management of terrestrial and aquatic weeds.

Vegetables and Herbs

For farmers and home gardeners alike, UF/IFAS offers Florida-specific fact sheets and other technical documents on dozens of crops, all of them based on in-state research and experience. Citrus growers can explore pest and disease management strategies, scion and rootstock information, and more.


Cattle ranchers, dairy farmers and other livestock producers can find knowledge on topics such as business management, facilities and equipment, nutrition, and more. UF/IFAS Extension also offers the UF Veterinary Extension and the UF/IFAS Florida Dairy Extension.


In Florida, aquaculturists grow more than 1,500 species of fish, plants, mollusks, crustaceans and reptiles, using a variety of production systems. Explore agriculture under the water with UF/IFAS Extension’s expert resources on an array of aquatic crops.

Nursery and Greenhouse

Florida’s nursery and greenhouse industry is the second largest in the country, contributing more than $20 billion to the state’s economy and providing a couple hundred thousand jobs. Learn about production systems and practices, pest management, and other green industry topics.

Organic Production

From renewable resources and alternate energy sources to small farms and community supported agriculture, organic production encompasses a broad assortment of topics. Delve into them and find out how you can get involved with expert information from UF/IFAS Extension.


The UF/IFAS Citrus Extension offers valuable services, workshops and information for citrus growers. Research pest management, nutrition, alternative crops and more. If you are interested in attending training, view upcoming statewide workshops and other events.

Small Farms

Over 90 percent of all farms in Florida can be categorized as small farms, which now make up a significant part of the state's agriculture industry. Learn how to start your own small agriculture endeavor with essential research-based information from UF/IFAS Extension.

close up of honey bees on a honeycomb


Florida is a top producer of honey in the nation, with over 800,000 managed colonies in the state. Florida beekeepers not only manage honey bees for honey production, but support many other agricultural commodities such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts throughout the United States through pollination services.